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  1. A nice looking day badge, a nice addition a any collection. Paul
  2. Hi Here are a few Hj tinnies i have picked up. Am on the look out for 1937 and anything after 1940, any help appreciated. Regards
  3. Hi There Please advise what is wrong with these, as i have been looking at getting one of the the awards for a while and would like to know what to look for? Thanks for posting this. Regards Warthog
  4. Have now added a few more to my meager collection, some HJ and Gua. Managed to locate a cream version of the one mentioned above, so will post some pictures when it arrives. Each time i check the web sites there are more that catch my eye, have thought about certain types to specialise in but i see one i like and that idea goes out of the window. Have been pointed in the right direction to some good sites (Thanks Ian) over in Germany, so hopefully my small collection will continue to grow.
  5. Hi TA is an abbereviation for Territorial Army, similar to your reserve units. Regards Warthog
  6. Hi Alec Vielen Danke. I will pass this information on to my sister, and then just hope for the best. Are you anywhere near the Black Forest? Regards Paul
  7. Leave it as it is, looks good to me Regards warthog
  8. Hi Alec Vielen danke fur dien shcribe, think thats spelt right. Is there anyone or place you could recomend in the Dortmund area? Thanks for the reply Drinken eine weise bier fur mich :beer:
  9. Hi Pete Thanks for the scan will keep them in mind when looking, am hoping my sister will have a look for me when she is in Germany next month. Have mailed some friends over there and they tell me they can be found in flea markets. Regards Paul
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