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  1. The Wilhelmshavener Tageblatt (20.10.1918) reprinted these HHOX recipients, obviously based on the Staatsanzeiger entry from 17.10. I checked all the names, we have them all - except for one: Hptm dL aD von Zwingler ---> CORRECTION: "Zwingler" seems to be a typo. This is probably Hptm dL aD Rudolf von ZINGLER (in the list already).
  2. I guess we have him already, but just in case, here is a HHOX Komtur to a Geheimer Rat von Berg: From Königsberger Hartungsche Zeitung, 25.5.1918
  3. New first name: Lt dR Willy Joost from Sensburg/East Prussia. From Königsberger Hartungsche Zeitung, 31.5.1918
  4. Yet another (very late) submitted one who may well have got it: Hptm dR Zimmer, BatKdr in einem niedersächsischen IR (I couldn't determine the exact regiment.) This would be a new one, he is not in the list so far. From Schlesische Zeitung, Nov 1918
  5. Another new first name: The Lt dL Thomas from IR 450 who is in our list is Max Thomas: Regiment is not named in the death notice, but Maj Kaulbach was commander of IR 450. Also interesting: again another "only submitted" one according to the death notice, but we know he got the award through other sources. We should therefore list all submitted ones (at least in a separate category), even if we have no proof they got the award. From Schlawer Zeitung, 1.11.1918
  6. Here is an interesting overview notice for the decorations that IR 51 had got (by August 1918). There is at least one new first name: Hauptmann Alfred Müller from Weilerbach Also some interesting statistics at the end. From Schlesische Zeitung, 6.8.1918
  7. At least a first initial: Lt dR G. Schellmann from Breslau From Schlesische Zeitung, 12.8.1918
  8. Here is a Lt dR R. Nowack, not sure if this is the same one as the Lt dR Carl Nowack who is in the list. From Schlesische Zeitung, 27.9.1918 This is interesting: Here is a submitted one who we know definitely received it (he is in the list): Lt dR Kurt Dentler from IR 63 From Schlesische Zeitung, 28.9.1918
  9. New first name: Lt dR Kurt Erbe from Breslau From Schlesische Zeitung, 17.9.1918 One of the Goebels: Hptm Rudolf Goebel from IR 443 From Schlesische Zeitung, 17.9.1918
  10. New first name: Olt dR Dr. Felix Suckel from Glogau. From Schlesische Zeitung, 13.10.1918 And another first name: Lt dR Hermann Schwede from IR 17, KIA 1918. From Schlesische Zeitung, 13.10.1918
  11. Some more info on Erdmann Gambke, in Turkish service, got Liakat as well. From Schlesische Zeitung, 1.10.1918 New first name: Lt Richard Karwath from Krotoschin From Schlesische Zeitung, 4.10.1918
  12. This is interesting, I have never seen it before in a death notice: Oberst aD Emil Cäsar Heyn (1851-1918) is listed with his EK1870 AND the 1914 clasp to it: From Schlesische Zeitung, 27.12.1918
  13. Yet another chance find for the Meiningen list: The Lt dR Goldmann from GR 11 is Wolfram: From Schlesische Zeitung, 18.12.1918 (regiment as per Verlustlisten)
  14. Yet another submitted one: Ernst Giersberg From Schlesische Zeitung, 11.1918 Chance find: This seems to be an unlisted Meiningen: Lt Rudolf Härtel From Posener Tageblatt, 10.8.1918 Another chance find: an unlisted Waldeck 4thX to Lt Heinrich Woller From Posener Tageblatt, 5.9.1918
  15. First name: Hptm Hermann Kocks From Schlesische Zeitung, 12.11.1918 A bit more info on Ernst Schwerdtfeger: From Schlesische Zeitung, 13.11.1918 Another submitted one, Herbert Finke: From Schlesische Zeitung, 14.11.1918
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