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  1. Hi, first buckle is from army parade uniform and was made before WWII. Black painting isn´t original. original surface of these buckles looks like polished brass. Buckles for field uniform were made from one piece of brass and black finished. Similar buckles were also used in the years 1945-1962, when were introduced buckles with star (#3). The lion on post war buckles have different tails - ends of tails on pre-war buckles are oriented upward, ends on post war buckles are little bigger and oriented forwards.
  2. According to seller it should be packet for Hindenburg cross, but I am not sure.
  3. Hi, could anyone help me with identication of this packet? The stamp is only marking. Regards Ladis
  4. Gold military medal from book mentioned above:
  5. Hallo, One of my source is book Rady a vyznamenani Habsburske monarchie (Orders and decorations of Habsburg monarchy) written by Ivan Kolacny (ISBN 80-902745-9-5). I have only bronze medals in my collection, but I can post picture of gold medal from this book at evening. Ladis
  6. Hi Gentlemen, Medal with inscription FRANC. IOS. I.D.G.IMP. AVSTR. REX BOH. ETC. AC. AP. REX. HVNG and red ribbon is military version. It was awarded in two grades ? I. class which was made from gold and was dwarfed by A-H eagle and II. class which was made from bronze without eagle (your medal). Gold medal received all persons with 50 active service years in army (till 2. December 1898). Bronze medal received all person (military or police) who was in active service during reign of emperor FJI. Medal with inscription FRANC. IOS. I.D.G. IMP. AVST. REX. BOH. ETC. ET. REX. AP. HVNG is civil version for public servants who was active in 1898. It was awarded in one bronze grade on red/white ribbon (half/half). About 5 000 000 of bronze medals was awarded. Ladis
  7. Hi Iver, bosnian medal is very nice I am still waiting for it.
  8. Hi, I am impatiently waiting for packets with new addictions to my collection ;)
  9. This combination of awards could be German or Austrian (after Anschluss in 1938). Hindenburg cross could be awarded only to German citizens, including inhabitants of occupied Austria and Sudetenland.
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