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  1. I guess I'm in the zone then; looking back I'm in the 3-7 EUR range. Though I was more like 20 for the lone Italian (who happens to be an artilleryman).
  2. 1) I'm only part Irish (one grandmother), but not Catholic. 2) Almost all are Bavarian that I have seen; except for the one Wuerttemburger and one Italian I've snagged. 3) Oh, I've already strayed from only artillery - the Wuerttemburger for example is not a gunner and I have a couple Bavarian infantrymen, which could be tradeable ;-) So, what's the most you have spent for one? :whistle:
  3. I'm over on another site adding to my collection. While you are here playing by yourself... Get's boring in the trenches, doesn't it?
  4. And lower myself into the trenches of what is otherwise a vulgar brawl? Not today mud boy. :cheers:
  5. Dude! And I thought we were going to be good friends. You do know what the "King of Battle" does to the "Queen of Battle" right? (Who do I pay to get a smiley face firing a big gun instead of that piddling MG?)
  6. Oh, man, I just might be getting as crazy as you! I just picked up a couple of these little death cards for artillery regiments to add to my regimental project. Seems I've joined good collecting company. :beer:
  7. Unfortunately, the original is fairly blurry too; it's on a post card, but only takes up about a third of the area. I am almost certain the ribbons are not EK black; they appear as almost all white in the photograph. (Would black EK ribbons washout to white in a photo of this era?) Under x9 magnifying loop, I can see that the two ribbons on the left have a wider and lighter center stripe with narrower darker side stripes; suggesting to me that it's possible they are Bavarian MVK. Another possibility would be the Wuerttemburg Military Merit Medal. The problem is that I can't really mak
  8. Roll of Honor: The following officers and soldiers have been identified as being part of Fuß-Artillerie-Regiment von Linger (Ostpreußisches) Nr.1. Oberstleutnant Neumann; Regiments-Kommandeur (1914) Oberstleutnant Richard; reported to have attended the Lehrgang für ältere Offiziere bei der Fußartillerie-Schießschule vom 20. November bis 18. Dezember 1904 Major Friese; reported to have attended the Lehrgang für ältere Offiziere bei der Fußartillerie-Schießschule vom 20. November bis 18. Dezember 1904 Leutnant d. Rsv Bering, Walter; KIA 1918-10-24; Burial Giżycko, Poland
  9. It appears that II. Batl./Fußart. Regt. 1 may have remained on fortress duty; the 5. and 6. Batteries may have remained in Königsberg, while the II. Battalion Staff with the 7. and 8. Batteries remained in Lötzen within Festung Boyen. Elements of the II. Battalion would have seen initial combat during the Russian siege of Festung Boyen. Finished in 1848, Festung Boyen was built to defend East Prussia against potential threats from northeastern Russia and the Baltic region. The fortress defense system was reinforced by the natural geography of the Masurian Lakes and rivers. As the Russians adva
  10. On 17 August 1914, I.Batl./Fußart.Regt.1 (Schwere Feldhaubitzen) and Munitions Kolumn Abteilung/I. Battalion, were mobilized as part of I. Armee Korps. At the same time, I. Armee Korps came under the command of 8. Armee on the Eastern Front. I. Battalion, Fuß-AR 1, with its heavy field howitzers, would have moved from its garrison at Königsberg upon mobilization, remaining on the Eastern Front with the I. Armee Korps. On 17 August instead of withdrawing from the Russian offensive as ordered, I. Armee Korps turned and won a victory over three Russian divisions at Stalluponen; I. Armee Korps the
  11. Fuß-Artillerie-Regiment von Linger (Ostpreußisches) Nr.1; Fuß-AR 1 Garrison:Königsberg i. Preussen Established: 16.6.1864 Armee Korps: I. Armee Korps; Prussian 2. Fuß-Artillerie Brigade Uniform: Collar/cuffs - Black Brandenburg w/ Blue Vertical Panel; White shoulder straps with a red 1; Pickelhaube wappen - Gilt 1st Pattern Grenadier Eagle. This Commemorative Medal was likely issued on the Regiment's anniversary, 16 June 1914, only a short time before being mobilized. It was probably a very exciting time to be in the Regiment, celebrating 50 years of service to the Kaiser
  12. This is a brief history and other data about the Fuß-Artillerie-Regiment von Linger (Ostpreußisches) Nr.1. I have started this long-term project as part of my quest to build a collection representing all the Imperial German field and foot artillery regiments. For this regiment I have a Commemorative Medal; a regimental commemorative celebrating 50 years of the Fuß-Artillerie-Regiment von Linger (Ostpreußisches) Nr.1, 1864-1914. I bought this almost three years ago; unfortunately, I can't post a scan - the medal is in a safe deposit box a few thousand miles away. Maybe another day. Critiq
  13. You should have posted these for me sooner, Chris. Seeing the real thing really helps make sense of the firing procedure. After I wrote the draft, I went back to look at the original photos at the beginning of this thread; after getting into the details of the weapon, the photos really came to life.
  14. A lot going on in this photo: The band is wearing spiked pickelhauben, but the band leader is wearing an artillery ball pickelhauben. There is a jager shako on the left side of the procession. On the right side of the street are a couple sanitatsdienst. In the foreground is what appears to be a Landwehr gefreiter. Unfortunately, the award pillow is difficult to make out. Under magnification I can make out that there is what appears to be an aviator's badge on the left, an EK1 on the right; the medal bar center bottom has four medals - the first appears to be the EK2, the second
  15. I got this photo thinking it was a group of new EK2's. However, upon closer inspection - both under jeweler's loop and with a scanned photo, I am pretty sure they are not/not EK's. I am not sure what decoration they may be instead. The ribbons are more light (not as black as would be for an EK), which made me think Bavarian. Under magnification, I thought I could discern both the Hamburg and the Lubeck ribbons. That might be an imagination working overtime. The shape of the medals themselves haven't become clear. So, I offer it here so you can strain your eyes for a bit. :whistle:
  16. Actually a bit bizarre. One of the "pushers" seems to be a civilian with a white wide-brimmed hat (woman?). And on the far right of the group, there is man in civilian dress. I doubt it is training; seems to be a staged performance. The lack of smiling/laughing does suggest that it's not completely entertainment however. Physical training of some sort? Punishment?
  17. Thanks, Chris; I thought you would have a good answer. I was pondering picking up a pre-war example to an artillery regiment. Another way to expand the regimental collection. (By the way, I received a nice Militarpass to an artilleryman in the mail recently. He started in a Feld-Artillerie Regiment before the war; looks like he was discharged to the reserves and then mobilized and spent the war in a Fuss-Artillerie Regiment. EKII and list of battles on the Western Front.)
  18. Does anyone have info on a military document "Führungszeugnis"? Somehow translates as a "conduct certificate" or "leadership certificate"... Google searches turn up mostly modern usage - a certificate from the police on criminal record (or lack thereof). I have also found some TR references to such documents issued to soldiers, but very little on Imperial usage. I have seen a few with a time period pre-WWI, but haven't seen anything that dates such a document during the First World War. (Yes, posting on Christmas - teenagers still asleep! and wife chased me out of the kitchen!)
  19. I was looking at this one the other day. Didn't realize it's fake. If it had been an artilleryman, I might have been bitten. Thanks for the tip.
  20. Even for the "partying with penguins" part? Maybe this should be an article, Chris. :rolleyes:
  21. I also was surfing kaiserscross earlier today... I was thinking, "hmm, some more artillery pages would be nice..." Once I get smarter on the topic, maybe I will be able to save you some time and help you... :beer:
  22. I've been digging back into the GMIC posts and found great interest in this one, Chris. This is what I hope to be able to achieve as I start my German artillery regiment collection. Great work!
  23. I haven't heard about this, but have the Saturday edition of Gazeta Wyborcza in my office. I will read the article tomorrow and tell you what more I can.
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