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  1. wow Uwe, that was fast and I'm really happy about that answer. Is there any value of this badges ? regards Walle
  2. Hi Guys, I need your help with this breast badge. Does anybody know what and wherefrom it is ? Any input is appreciated regards Walle
  3. Hi Ya'll I've the chance to buy this badge from the croatia naval legion, but my knowledge on these badges is very limited. So any comments about its originality or any other input is wellcome thanks bcd4
  4. Hi Ya'll today I need a little help in finding a fair price for this Soldbuch. It's for the later Korvetten-Kapitän Max Lewandowsky, CO from the 18. Marinekraftfahrabteilung. Unfortunatly no pic (removed) but still in good condition. Among the entries are his awards during both wars (IC, clasp to the iron cross 2. class, war merit cross with swords 2. and 1. class and some others). He was with his unit in france and till the end of the war in the 'Festung Dünkirchen'. There are few stamps (french) and germans (Kampfgruppe Nettelbeck' in it. In the Rangliste from the navy he is listed and also listed as CO of this unit. Alls pages are complete If any of you has a opinion pleas let me know (also pm are wellcome. thanks in advance Walle
  5. Hi Dobri, congratulations for this outstanding grouping and sorry for the misunderstanding with 'Bogdan'. Imo a very interesting peace of german navy history. Hope you'll post that grouping here greetings Walle
  6. Hi Bogdan interesting pics. Have you bought the grouping ? I saw that it was not sold at militarie321.com. greetings Walle
  7. Hi Gordon, thanks for your reply to this thread and sorry for the problem with the link. This grouping is/was discussed in some german collectors forum (SDA /MFF) but you have to be registered to see the pics. Veit Scherzer has listed him in his book about the DKiG holders and I know that Veit Scherzer has listed only the proven awards. So the date after the end of the war remebered me at awards of the IC for removing landmines in Norway. The german minesweaper unit (GMSA) in Norway started under british command right after the offical end of the war. Klöcker served as on several minesweaper units in the Bundesmarine from 1957 on. Could it be that he got his DKiG for that duty ? Besides this I've never seen a Leistungsbuch from a crew member of a u-boat. In this grouping a two of them. Where there in the property of the soldier during the war like a Soldbuch, because there are all the same entries about awards and sea commands as in a Soldbuch. greetings Walle
  8. Hi Y'all parently is a very interesting doc-grouping from a u-boat-member and holder of the DKiG for sale on miltaria321.com. Here is the link to it http://www.militaria321.com/auktionsdetails.cfm interesting question for me is the date of the award (08.06.1945). Based on the german law about war awards no award after 08.05.1945 was allowed. In his Soldbuch and 'Führungsbücher' are entries about the u-boat badge, u-boat-clasp bronze, silver and both classes of the IC. In this case this brave former member of U 751 served after the war in the german navy again. In his german navy Wehrpaß is now also an entry about the DKiG. There is also a pic from him in his navy uniform with his medal bar (mod. 57) where the DKiG is clearly visible. Any comments or information about this unusual case are wellcome greetings Walle
  9. Hi here is a pic from my collection. An member of the german merchant navy (Ing. on the vessel 'Aachen') greetings
  10. Hi Erik it's up to me to say thanks. Another one cordial greetings Walle
  11. Hi Eric this is indeed a nice grouping. I was unfortunatly a little bit to late on this one greetings Walle
  12. Hi Tom, fantastic ! thanks a lot for your input on this thread. The paper bags are totally equal ! Is there a cross in the bag or is it a empty. Found meanwhile the company's name in Gordon's book about the KvK's but also without any number. Will check your info about the FEK (Hindenburgcross) greetings Walle
  13. Hi Y'all got a nice little grouping with KvK 1. and 2. Class with swords and the award docs. The 1. class is a marked Deschler in its marked award case. The second class has no marker marks but comes in the paper bag, wrapped in the typical thin brown paper. The paper bag has the marker Gebr. Gengenbach & Co G.m.b.H Pforzheim, Poststra?e 5 never heard from this firm no found in the officel list of all factories. has any of you a similiar paper bag or heard about this firm greetings Walle
  14. Revers ask, if you need more pics greetings Walle
  15. Hi Y'all could need a little help with this pilots badge which was offered to me. My knowledge about these are really know. I compared it with pics from another badge (second model) and found some differences. There is no marker mark on the backside. The pin safety looks different. The front and back has soft details and looks like a casting. Any comments are wellcome
  16. award doc for the long service arward 1 st class as Oberst und Inspekteur der Seeflieger
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