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  1. Huh, I wonder why Knesebeck didnt serve in the 1866 campaign against Austria. Or at least he decided not to wear this medal
  2. Hello all, I am in search for some original ribbon for the Austrian Verdienstkreuz des Malteserordens as exemplified by an example from @Claudio’s collection: I have searched the OMSA ribbon bank and have been unsuccessful but undeterred. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.
  3. @ClaudioIt’s almost embarrassing to say! I found it while doing research into Achim von Arnim and I somehow came across this photo and almost nonchalantly said to myself: that’s von Hütier! Not sure when it was taken, or even where, but here’s the rest of the photo: I had to compress the photo, however I have the full resolution photo if you’d like.
  4. Came across this photo and I thought no better time than the present to add it!
  5. @David M I always wondered the same thing, perhaps it was from two different duchies, or from one and perhaps one was awarded for retirement?
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