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  1. Opinions? I had purchased this from a reliable seller, however I'm a little concerned about it's authenticity, in particular the top ring and the the swords. Thanks!
  2. This is very true. For a number of reasons, have it be the oil cloth hat, but the prevalent reason was due to the large trapezoidal ribbon bars the officers were known to wear at the front, thus distinguishing them from the average soldier for an enemy sniper, thus the change to the small 15mm ribbon-ribbon bars
  3. A miniatur vor dem feinde spange for a feldspange and the paper envelope of the Friedrich August kreuz II klasse
  4. It’s clearly displaying some familial arms, and I have a couple of theories: First, the two brass bands soldered or welded to the sides could have been a means of displaying said arms on two rods and was eventually converted to a pin back. Another thought is that it’s could be a latch to a book, chest, or some other object, that was then removed? Perhaps IDing the family in which the arms belong, although extremely improbable of a positive ID, may help.
  5. The second ribbon is the Baden verdienst medaille. Due to the award of the baden medal it would make sense that he would have been awarded the 1914 EK II klasse but I have yet to find any evidence of this so it is very likely that he was awarded the KVK. Further, based off the picture, the 4th ribbon looks like 1936 olympic erinnerungs medaille, but I could very well be wrong.
  6. Truly, never cease to amaze Chris, truly amazing. I think this is the embodiment of "if there's a will, there's a way"
  7. From the looks of it no, as with the exception of the right swords hilt, the rest of the sword are soldered on to the enamel wreath, not pinned like that of a godet.
  8. Take a picture of the ring as a stamp of the manufacturer may be on there
  9. Just received this in the mail today and I'm wondering if I could get some opinions upon its authenticity etc. Thanks
  10. Hello, If any of you are not familiar with this Fritz story, you are in for a real experience but that's not what I'm here for. I have been able to ID nearly all of the awards visibly shown, but I'm stumped as to one of the Stern's in his possession. (I doubt that this spy would end up in any rangeliste or anything of that sort) Medjidjie Orden Grosskreuz? - Probably not because of the lack of the Gross Stern, (probably relating to the unknown stern) Osmanische Osmanje Orden Kommandeurkreuz u. Stern Wuttemburg Orden der Wuttembergischen Krone Komturkreuz mit Schwerter
  11. Absolutely, I would say that the other awards you were debating about where correct in their assumption, Great detective work!
  12. Hello, it is clearly the China denkmuze as the 3 colors of the imperial German flag are present and the rim of the medal has what looks like a thick border, or wreath, which none of the other colonial medals had, regards, Dan
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