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  1. Laurentius, I would argue that that ribbon is for the 1936 Deutches Olympiaehrenzeichen. Although the the ribbons aren’t in focus on the ribbon, the center of the third ribbon would’ve been far lighter and the edges far darker, as yellow ribbons go, per Zentarmedaillie. Regards
  2. Yes! Thank you, I knew I was in the ballpark with the medal being Swedish, could the next one be possibly ottoman or have some North African connection?
  3. Hi all, I'm wondering if some of Prinz Adalbert's awards could be identified So far, from what I can gather his awards are: Schwartzer Adler Orden Burststern Roter Adler Orden - Gross Kreuz Preußen Königlicher Hausorden von Hohenzollern Kette der Großkomture Ordenschnalle: 1. Roter Adler Orden 3. Klasse mit Krone 2. Kronen Orden 3. Klasse 3. Goldene Erinnerungsmedaille an Fürst Carl Anton 3/4. 1897 Zentarmedaille 4. China Denkmunze
  4. Hi all, Could I have some opinions regarding the authenticity of this Awaloff Kreuz, the dealer claims its original but cannot guarantee its authenticity. Thanks!
  5. Hello all, I came across this photo and I am curious to know who the gentleman on the far left is, what his medals are and a possible ID, second, I am trying to decipher the medals on the Chinese diplomat to the right of him. From my guessing: 1. Kronen-Orden 4 klasse? 2. Annen-Orden Ritterkreuz? 3. Possibly a Belgian order? 4. Order of Takovo ? Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
  6. Hello, This example of the PFL ehrenkreuz leads me to conclude the authenticity of the example in my collection, however I still would like some other eyes on this topic. Thanks!
  7. Well, the observe seems to be that of the silesian eagle, and the city of Breslau being engraved on the back would confirm that as its place or origin. It was clearly a pin back, if you look closely at the reverse, you can start to notice a difference in texture in the middle, this is probably where the original pin was set, but, as the grey marks prove, it was later replaced with a solder and a pin, thus obscuring some of the engraving. The A. K... is probably the owners name, and the Wehr. leads me to believe that this is a second world war pin, but I could be wrong. The 6 could possibly be
  8. Well, I seemed to have answered my own inquiry, it is in fact Lt. Gert von Pflugradt, and his awards: EK 1914 I,II Klasse HOHX OV2 mit krone und schwertern FAK I, II Klasse BH ÖM3K
  9. Could it be v. Hohnhorst’s adjutant? Oberleutnant Pflugradt? Perhaps his name be apart of the Hohenzollern haus orden index?
  10. Although I'm not sure of his name, his name should be in this book as it lists all of the officers of IR 91 that severed from 1917-1918. This should also have his name somewhere: WLB online book
  11. Nr. 2 is the Roter Adler Orden II klasse, Nr. 3 is Orden von Isabella der Katholikin komtur kreuz and the medal on the bar is the Kingdom of Hawaii's Royal Order of Kalākaua I companions cross
  12. Can anyone identify this Oldenburg officer with a HOHX, and his possible other awards?
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