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  1. Hello all, does anyone here know, or have that they are willing so sell, original 1866 Oldenburg medal ribbon? thanks
  2. Sandro, I do tend to agree with you, and bringing up Wilhelm ii, I had come across another thread on this website and it’s mentions that he didn’t even wear a non combatants version of the 1870 kreigsdenkmünze, and he was alive when the war was taking place. This is certainly ending up to be a very interesting topic to say the least.
  3. That looks very likely, however I bring up a similar question that I was asked pertaining upon how he would have been eligible for the award as he did not participate, nor was he alive for the war of 1870 .
  4. Hello, the first medal that you’re trying to ID is the Preußen Hannoversche Jubiläumsdenkmünze.
  5. It’s the 1902 Oldenburg Kreigervereins-Verdienstkreuz. It was awarded to commemorate the battle of Vionville-Mars-La-Tour. It was an Oldenburg State veterans award rather than the numerous unofficial verdienstkreuz’s.
  6. The title is pretty much self explanatory! While doing some research, I had come across this gem, and then had to ask the question posted above. Any examples anyone has would be greatly appreciated to quench my thirst for knowledge. Thanks All
  7. Hello all, I am wondering if anyone has a list of Kurt von Schleichers medals. So far I’ve gotten: Eisernes Kruez 1,2 klasse Roter Adler orden 3rd Klasse mit schwerten? Bayern Militär-Verdienstorden 3rd klasse mit schwerten Sachsen Albrecht orden mit schwerten u. Kreigs dekoration Wüttemburg Freidrichs Orden muy schwerten? Oldenburg Freidrich Augustus Kruz 2ed klasse? Österreich Militärverdienstkreuz mit Kreigs dekoration u. Wiederholungsverschluss Bulgarischer Orden des Heiligen Alexander 5. Klasse Por le merite? johanniter orden any more assistance would be much appreciated, thanks
  8. Great find with him in his admirals uniform, I still believe more research into that photo of his funeral would be the where the answer to your question. The sad fact is that most of these photos of him are to low quality, anyways here’s another photo.
  9. Hi, I’ve been trying to find the Hof- und Staatshandbuch des Großherzogtums Oldenburg as supposedly it would have it there. Nevertheless I do have some photos, and have attempted to make some list. Medal bar: 1. 1870 eisernes Kreuz mit Eichenlaub 25 Jahre, Wiederholungsspange 1914, Eisernes Kreuz 1914 1st class 2. Oldenburg Haus und Verdienstorden von Herzog Peter Friedrich Louis Ehrenkreuz 1st Klasse 3. 1870-1871 Preussen kreigsdenkmünze fur kampfer mit Spange: -Gavrilot-St. Privat -Metz -Paris 4. 1897 Kaiser Wilhelm I Erinnerungsmedaille Zentenarmedaille 5. 1878 Preussen Kaiser Wilhelm I Goldene Hochzeit Medaille 2ed klasse 6. 1870 Mecklenburg-Schwerin Militärverdienstkreuz 2ed klasse 7. 1870-1871 Schaumburg-Lippe Militärverdiesntsmedaille mit Säbeln 8. 1902 Verdienstkreuz des Oldenburg kreigsverein or Mecklenburg-Schwerin Großherzog Friedrich Franz II verdienst Medaille in Silber 9. 1902 Saxe-Altenburg Medaille zum 50 Jahren regisrungjubiläum 10. Mecklenburg-Schwerin Gedächtsmedaille Franz Friedrich III 11. unknown Prussia: Swartz Adler Orden collar and Groß stern Hohenzollern Haus Orden collar/ Groß stern Mecklenburg-Schwerin: Wedischenkronen Orden Collar/ Groß Stern/ Kreuz possibly the griffen orden Oldenburg: Haus u. Verdienst order von Peter Friedrich Lois collar, groß Kreuz/Stern PFL Grand Cross chapter Badge Austria: Franz Josef Orden groß Stern Russia: St. Anne Orden Groß stern St. Alexander Orden Groß Kreuz/stern Denmark: Order of the white elephant grand cross and collar Belgium Possible grand cordon of the order of Leopold? Hope this can be of some help
  10. I have also found that the medal after the centenary medal is Kaiser Wilhelm I golden wedding medal https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/goldene-hochzeitsmedaille-1879-2-klasse.html
  11. Sorry about sorry about the poor quality of the photos. These should be better. i added the funeral processions photo, but it is still probably too unclear regardless.
  12. Going off of that, I think that #8 might be the Oldenburg merit cross 1870 https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/verdienstkreuz-des-oldenburger-kriegervereins.html
  13. For a while now I have been searching information regarding the Grand Dukes medal bar. I was able to recognize some of the medals on his medal bars, however, there are a few of the medals that I have had trouble recognizing and identifying. 1: EK ii 1870, (all photos) 25 anv. spange. ( Photos 1,2,5) 2: Crown orden? XV year service cross? Oldenburg house order with out crown or swords? ( photos 1,2,5) 3: 1870-71 victory medal with 3 unknown spanges ( all photos ) 4: 1897 centenary medal ( photos 1,2,5) 5: unknown - my thoughts are, possible Saxon-Altenburg bravery medal ( mother being from aforementioned royal house) , Prussian Red eagle order iv class, an Austrian medal ( has crown at the top ), my best guess, an early Belgian military medal ( king of Belgium attended wedding ) 6: 1870 Mecklenburg-Schwerin military bravery cross ii class (based on photos 6,4) 7: unknown - I am at a complete loss for identification of this medal. At first I thought it was ottoman due to the sabers, but this is extremely unlikely due to Peter II of Oldenburg having the same medal, and doing further research, Peter ii’s medal had, at least from one illustration, 3 lines of text on the reverse of the medal, which led me to think either Austrian or a Hessian medals reverse, but both led to dead ends. 8: unknown - possible crow-less-reign-less order of Dannebrog? Crown-less Greek Greek Cross of Valor? 9/8: Mecklenburg-Schwerin Friedrich-Franz iii memorial medal? If anyone would mind helping me identify these it would be greatly appreciated. Furthermore, when researching I had also come across pictures of the the Grand Dukes Funeral with all of his awards and orders laid out; However, due to the poor resolution, angle, distance etc. I was led to a dead end. If anyone knows what his other awards where that would be greatly appreciated. Finally, If their topic had already been made , would you mind linking it? I hope that with a little help we’ll be able to figure this out, thanks, Dan My bad, Forgot to add last image:
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