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  1. I think it's for a jubilee coin not medal.
  2. @Gerd Becker I don't think that Hof medal is for this case. Hof medal is oval shape, this case is for round medal / coin.
  3. Hello, Can you please tell me which medal / coin goes inside this square case with inscription 2. December 1848-1989. Diameter inside if for 40mm medal / coin. Thank you.
  4. thank you all for help, medal was returned to seller with full refund
  5. Do you think that it's a mark CFR or COPY ? Mark "A" should be on medal right?
  6. I really need some help with this medal: The Commemorative Medal for the 50th Anniversary of Defence or Tyrol of 1909 /// Tiroler Landesverteidigungs - Jubiläumsmedaille 1859 - 1909 The size and weight is according to literature. I don't know is it from silver or any other metal, the detailed surface shape of the medal looks like it was molded ?! It also has a mark - punze on rim, which I can not read clearly. First letter is C .... I don't know maybe it's a mark COPY ??? Shape of the mark is just like for silver marks (dog head) but it doesn't looks like. Does anyone has this medal in his private collection? Any has a picture how the mark COPY looks like. I don't know if this medal which I have is a original or a copy. Please help.
  7. I got a few answers and all are different. Some say it's for FJ medal some for Karl. A few years ago I saw same case and also FJ medal was inside. So.....
  8. Can someone tell me for which type of silver Signum Lavdis medal this case was issued ? ( Franz Joseph or Karl ) There are no stamps on a case. Also any idea when was is issued ? (before war, during war or at the end of war) Currently I have a FJ medal inside, which I don't know if it's correct.
  9. Let us solve this mark on Austro Hungarian medals - star * so called asterisk. What does this means? I have heard that medals produced at the end of war were made from war materials (tombak) instead of silver/gold and those medals where marked with star but I don't know if this is a fact or just rumors. I have seen mark star on medals like: - Order of Franz Joseph I. Knight's cross of the Order (3rd class) - Military Merit Cross 'Piis Meritis' (2nd class) Attached file (star) on my Piis Meritis medal.
  10. Wow Ivan, fantastic etui you got there !!! :lol:
  11. Items looks original to me. So why not buying them....
  12. This is my example of this medal. It has no mark BRONZ...
  13. Maybe "S" stands for Seifert József from Slovakia - Pozsony, Pressburg .:unsure:
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