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  1. Hello to everyone, I picked this up at the MAX show this weekend. It appears to be a miniature flight badge. Can anyone help with identification of this badge. It is 2 inches (5.1 cm) tall and 1.25 inches (3.2 cm) wide. Thank you in advance for any help. Dean
  2. Dave, Thanks for checking anyway. I did find this website, maybe you can make some sense of it. http://www.ottoman-uniforms.com/ottoman-turkish-orders-medals-an-overview/ chuck and ccj thank you for the nice comments. Dean
  3. Dave, What does that mean? Everything I have seen shows this medal being issued in 1915. Please help. Dean
  4. Hello to everyone, I am looking for information on the clasp that is on this Turkish Liyakat medal bar. The only thing I have found is that the clasp is for combat. Any information would be helpful. Thank you. Dean
  5. Hello to everyone, I just picked up this medal bar. I know the 2nd medal is the Order of the Osmanieh, but I do know what class it is (3rd or 4th). Also, there is a clasp on top of the medal. I do not know what this for. Any information would be helpful. Thank you Dean
  6. Hello to everyone, I picked this up at at the last MAX show. Simple, short and sweet. The non-combatant merit cross is what drew me to this. Dean
  7. Andreas and Paul, Thank you both for your confirmation that I did put the right medal on this bar. Do either of you have any idea who this bar would be issued to? A military person seems very unlikely, perhaps a servant or good friend of a royal family? Andreas - I think you have the most unique medal bar. I have never seen a St. Michael medal with a crown and there is the 40 years of faithful civil service. I am not sure what the 2nd or 5th medal would be. Dean
  8. Hello to everyone, I picked this medal bar up at last years MAX show. It was missing the middle medal. I had asked around to see what medal would go with the bar and got two answers, either an Order of the White Falcon or a Prince Luiptold medal with crown. The next show I attended I found a 1905 Price Luiptold medal with crown. I thought that since this was a Bavarian bar and there seems to be a cut at the top (where a crown or loop would be attached) of the red ribbon I thought the Prince Luiptold would be the logical choice. Can anyone please confirm this for me. Dean
  9. Hello to everyone, I picked this up at a show in Ohio. I did not see anything I really needed or wanted at first. I did notice a Bavarian Merit medal with a crown that I did not have. I went back to the table that had the Bavarian Merit medal to look at it again. As I looked at it, I saw this Widows/Next of kin Cross of Honor. I had never seen anything like and thought it was fake at first, but decided to take a chance and buy it for $30. I showed it to a very good and knowledgeable friend and he was amazed at what I had found. It is a brooch mounted Widows/Next of kin Hindenburg Cross that measures 1 and 1/4 inches in height and 1 and 1/4 inches in width (3.2 cm by 3.2 cm). Pics are attached. Dean
  10. klroberts Welcome to the forum This is a great story!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dean
  11. Rick, Thank you for the nice comments. I had help from members of this forum to ID this bar, Dave Danner was the main person who gave me the history. Dean
  12. Hello to everyone, I have a 3rd class of the Order of the Lion on a bar. Named to Karl Joseph Anton Maria Freiherr von Sartor auf Gansheim Dean
  13. Les, I dont know if these guys were claiming that the bikes were original or not. I dont know anything about motorcycles, so I did not ask about them. I will have to ask about them next time I see these guys. Dean
  14. Les, I cannot verify the originality of these motorcycles. I just posted them. Dean
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