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  1. I tried to zoom in but it’s still not perfect. It’s a picture off of the eBay listing. Sorry Tom
  2. Thank you very much again Nick. I sincerely appreciate your help. Tom
  3. Sorry Nick, I had to go back and see if I could find it. Here's the reverse picture from the listing. Thank you very much, Tom
  4. Thank you very much Nick, that was extremely fast even for you! What is the sponsorship for? Tom
  5. Hello, here’s a medal that was briefly on eBay this morning. It was just listed and about an hour later was gone. It was not a buy-it-now! I’ve never seen this medal before and was wondering what exactly it is? Thanks for any information, Tom
  6. Thanks again Nick, is there anything you don’t have! Tom
  7. Hi all, I’m hoping for confirmation that this medal is 32nd Anniversary medal of the Russo/Japanese war. It’s beautifully designed with great details! Thank you all, Tom
  8. Hi Nick, it’s Tom from New Jersey in the USA. I’ve been looking for a cased Crown Prince Voyage to Japan medal for quite some time. I’m hoping since you seem to be the most knowledgeable person on this forum that you might be able to help me. If you have any leads to purchasing this medal I will be in your debt! I also want to thank you for all your help in the past with my many questions.




    1. JapanX


      Hi Tom, 

      I`ll let you know when I find one for sale.




    2. DRB 1643

      DRB 1643

      Thank you very much Nick.

      Stay healthy!


  9. Nick, thanks again! You always come through, you’re indispensable for this forum. Tom
  10. I hoping the good members of this forum can help me with the identification and translation of this badge. Thank you all very much, Tom
  11. Here are the images that you requested. There is no writing on the case. Yes, it is 15mm long. I wonder if this was to be worn when out of uniform in civilian clothing? Thanks again Nick for your expertise! Tom
  12. Hi JapanX, yes, I will make additional pictures as soon as I have it in my possession. Do you know why one was made this small? Thanks again, Tom
  13. Hi 1812, did you ever see one this small? Thank you, Tom
  14. Hi all, does anyone have any information on this badge? I’ve never seen one this small. Thank you, Tom
  15. Thank you both Nick and Gordon, I definitely won't clean it. Tom
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