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  1. Thank you very much again Nick! I was very happy to find this badge. Tom
  2. I know that this is a really old posting but I just found one! It’s not the issue case but can someone please translate the kanji on the lid. It might be the recipient’s name. Thank you very much for any information. Tom
  3. Thank you very much again Nick. I highly respect your insight. Tom
  4. Great information Nick thank you. Was this awarded to participants in the attack? Also do you have an opinion on a fair price? Thanks again, Tom
  5. Can the members here please tell me about this fob. Is it rare and what it was awarded for? Also what would be a fair price for this particular example. Thank you all very much. Tom
  6. Thank you very much again Nick. I sincerely appreciate your help. Tom
  7. Hi all, I’m assuming these are police merit badges of two different classes. Can someone tell me the approximate date of these badges? Are they post war? Thank you all in advance. Tom
  8. Nick, I just read your thread posted on 6-23-2012 about these medals. Very informative! Once again thank you very much for your contributions to this forum! Tom
  9. Thank you very much Nick!
  10. Hi All, I’m hoping for some information on this Manchukoan Red Cross medal. I have never seen this variation before and am wondering if it was awarded for a special occasion. Thank you for any information or insight. Tom
  11. David, thank you very much, this compilation is incredible! Tom
  12. Thank you very much Nick for your information and insight. If you ever come across any new information please let me know. Much appreciated, Tom
  13. Thank you very much Nick for this information. So if this is not for time served, what would this badge be awarded for? Tom
  14. He is a new acquisition. Is this a retired pilot’s (time served) badge? Please let me know what you all think. Thank you very much, Tom
  15. Dave and Nick, here are the images you requested. Tom
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