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  1. Thank you very much Nick. Once again I sincerely appreciate your help and expertise! Tom
  2. Pictured is another medal that I cannot identify. Any help as to what it is and possible value will be very much appreciated. Thank you all very much especially Nick! Tom
  3. Thanks Nick and David, I’m starting a new thread as the pictures wouldn’t load on the previous one. Why is this badge case different-late war? Thank you all very much, Tom
  4. Ok Nick and David, thank you both for your information. Here's another proficiency case but it's different construction. It has a latch instead of push button and has a flat lid instead of domed. Is this a later period case? Thank you all in advance, Tom IMG_0367.HEIC IMG_0369.HEIC IMG_0366.HEIC
  5. Nick, Once again thank you very much! Tom
  6. Hi all, can someone please help with identifying this case and what proficiency badge it would contain. Thank you all very much, Tom
  7. Thanks again Nick, you always come through! Tom
  8. Thank you again Nick. I sincerely appreciate all your help. I’m thinking of purchasing these but have no idea on value. Could you possibly give me approximate values? Thanks again Tom
  9. Thank you very much Nick, here is the reverse. Tom
  10. I’m hoping the great members here can help me id these two medals. Thank you all very much in advance, Tom
  11. Ok, so no military bearing. I don't know what this forum would do without you Nick. Thank you again, Tom
  12. Thank you very much again Nick! It looks like a fob, so was this issued to a particular unit for completion of a training exercise? If so is it possible to tell which unit received them and is it a common medal. Tom
  13. Can any one please identify this medal and provide a translation. I just picked it up and have no idea of what it was for. Thank you all very much, Tom
  14. Once again Nick thank you very much for your help! Tom
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