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  1. Thank you very much Nick for your consistent help. You certainly are a treasure to this board! Tom
  2. Yes, that would indeed be very offensive!
  3. I found similar badge pictures on Rich Catalano’s awesome site under Imperial Maritime Association. This badge however was not pictured so I’m assuming it is a higher class. Can someone please let me know what class this is and what these badges were awarded for? Thank you all again (especially Nick)! Tom
  4. Thanks Nick, so would the one I posted be a superior chief inspector and not the assistant even though it still has only a single badge depicted? Tom
  5. Thank you very much to Nick Komiya at Warrelics for this information!
  6. Hi All, I don’t know if this is the correct forum for identifying Japanese shoulder boards but maybe someone could help me with these. Any information will be greatly appreciated! Thank you all very much, Tom
  7. Thank you very much Nick. This definitely would have been one to pick up, sorry I missed it. Tom
  8. Hi All, this badge sold yesterday on eBay. I was going to bid on it but lost track of time and missed it. Does anyone recognized what this is for? Sorry for the blurry pictures but that’s how they were presented. Thank you very much, Tom
  9. Yes Nick, it does, I like the idea that might make it an original ribbon!
  10. I finally scored and was able to complete my commemorative medals! Tom
  11. Hi everyone, I just acquired this badge and have a question. I always thought these came in black lacquer cases. Also the pin on the back as well as the layout of the kanji is different. Is this just a late war badge with its proper case? Thank you all very much for any input. Tom
  12. Thank you very much Nick. I'll say it again- you are indispensable for this forum! Tom
  13. Hi Nick, so this was a school badge for students training to be in the Imperial Guards? Tom
  14. Thank you very much Nick. How common would you consider this badge? Thanks again, Tom
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