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  1. Nick, thanks again! You always come through, you’re indispensable for this forum. Tom
  2. I hoping the good members of this forum can help me with the identification and translation of this badge. Thank you all very much, Tom
  3. Here are the images that you requested. There is no writing on the case. Yes, it is 15mm long. I wonder if this was to be worn when out of uniform in civilian clothing? Thanks again Nick for your expertise! Tom
  4. Hi JapanX, yes, I will make additional pictures as soon as I have it in my possession. Do you know why one was made this small? Thanks again, Tom
  5. Hi 1812, did you ever see one this small? Thank you, Tom
  6. Hi all, does anyone have any information on this badge? I’ve never seen one this small. Thank you, Tom
  7. Thank you both Nick and Gordon, I definitely won't clean it. Tom
  8. Thanks for the information Nick, would you be able to give me an approximate value? Tom
  9. Hi all, I’m looking for help with this medal. It’s moderately tarnished (no pitting) and I was wondering if I should lightly clean it. Also what would be a fair current value. Thank you all for any advice and information. Tom
  10. It makes sense since the award date is 13 years later. Thank you again, Tom
  11. Thank you again for this translation Nick. After reading the article on the Jiandao/Gando massacre would it be correct to assume that this medal was given to participants of that battle? I sincerely appreciate your thoughts on this. Tom
  12. Thank you very much Nick, you are the man! Tom
  13. Hi all, I hoping for some help please with the translation and identification of this medal. Thank you very much, Tom
  14. Hi Chris, my name is Tom Foster and I saw your post in the Japanese section on the Crown Prince Voyage to Korea medal. I just want to let you know that I'm very interested in this medal if you ever decide to sell it.

     Thank you very much for your consideration.


    1. Gensui


      Hello Tom!

      Thanks for your message. This medal was the final one in my collection of Japanese war- and commemorative medals. Now I have it all complete.

      Once I'm "fed-up" with, I'll keep your contact in mind.

      Best wishes from Germany,


    2. DRB 1643

      DRB 1643

      Chris, thank you very much for your reply and consideration.

      If you ever "get tired of it" please contact me.

      Thanks again,


  15. Dear Sir, I was looking at your posting of Japanese occupation of the Philippines medals from several years ago and was wondering if you had any thoughts of selling some of your collection? I'm very interested if you ever want to sell some of your medals. Please keep me in mind.

     Thank you very much,


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