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    Channel Islands - Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney & Sark Militia. Police Honorifique (Honorary Police) Badges from Jersey and C.I. Special Constable badges etc Also any items of C.I. uniformed or social history
  1. Hi all Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year! I am now concentrating on acquiring the final missing badges to complete my Special Constables and Police Honorifique badges from Jersey, and Guernsey British Channel Islands. I am missing 18 known examples plus I am also seeking variations in manufacturing dates. If you know of any of these that are available to purchase please let me know. I also purchase duplicates of ones I already have as they are useful as exchanges with other collectors.
  2. That looks good, but the States Police introduced an updated helmet plate to go with the new helmet and the older style plate is being phased out. Pics attached of the outgoing badge and the new one. Note rounded base to centre shield regards Jermil
  3. I think it is the badge worn on the sleeve whilst serving overseas during WW1 Jermil
  4. I have a pic showing the helmets being worn. The mens is the same as the Isle of Man except for the rose top and the girls is one I haven't seen before. We used to have a white topped WPC hat in the 1980's see attached, this was replaced by the Pathfinder style in the 1990's regards Jermil
  5. As promised the Jersey white helmets. I have four of these, the first two are the Pith helmet introduced in the 1890's these originally had the centrepiece of the helmet plate as the badge, this was later changed to the shield collar badge and finally to the cap badge. The other two helmets are versions that were ordered in the 1990's as samples for possible introduction in the summer months, however, the idea was not proceeded with and the helmets were given to me. One is like a foreign service helmet and the other is the Royal Marines style. As it happens the white helmet was re-in
  6. The Island of Jersey had white pith helmets which were introduced in the 1890's and dropped in the 1970's. Guernsey wore a similar one but in Khaki. Jersey has re-introduced the white helmet in 2012 but it is now similar to the Isle of Man , however it has rose top. I will post pics later Regards Norman
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