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    Hi Tom,

    Firstly... A big official welcome to the club... and yep, you've cracked the resizing.. :beer:

    I've moved your posts here, to the correct section, so that members will have the chance to give some opinions these badges.

    In my opinion, and I know it's not a nice way to start off, these are all cast copies. Going on the reverse setup (hinge/catch) they all look to be from the same fakers.

    What's the story behind this group? Where did you get them, and is there a chance of returning them for a refund?

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    Hi John, (& Steve)

    Thanks for the feedback. The group came from an estate sale (Livingston Auctions, Oklahoma). There were quite a lot of military (esp German) articles up for auction. Most items went for high $$. Though there weren't many medals in this collection, this badge group was listed. I put a low bid, thinking that if if I picked them up, they probably were copies but at least they would round out a place in my collection (gap filler). When I received them, I noted the "maker's marks" and thought, "hmmm... I wonder....". Hence I thought I would get some expert opinion and posted them here. One of the Heer badges I have had for a long time and posted that as well. I originally bought that one as an original so it will be interesting to see what comes back.

    I predominantly collect medals, so I thank you for the feedback on these badges as I learn.

    Cheers, and thanks very much!


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