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  1. Hi Bifter, Thanks for the reply. No I didn't chase after these as I couldn't get any timely feedback and since they were at an on-line auction (with little chance for detailed photo's or info), I decided to pass (thankfully!). I know someone did pay a "bit 'o money" for them! I feel sorry for the poor fellow. Cheers, Tom
  2. Gordon & Joe, Thank you both! (you just saved me some hard earned $$) Cheers!
  3. Hi, I was looking at this particular badge but was hoping I could solicite an opinion as to it's authenticity. Sorry if I misplaced putting it in this forum but I did not see a WW1 forum (please correct me if I am wrong). Thanks in advance!
  4. Eric and John - Thank you both! I now have more "beer" money remaining in my pocket!
  5. May I get some opinions on the authenticity of the following badge(s)? Thanks in advance!
  6. Before I go and spend my hard earned $$, can I get an opinion on the authenticity of the following badge(s)? Thanks in advance!!
  7. Before I go and spend my hard earned $$, can I get any opinions/validations as to the authenticity of the following badge(s). Thanks in advance!!!
  8. I am trying to look up information on a fellow who obtained an MID (actually 3xMID). I would like to know if there is any way I can find out what the MIDs were for. Can anyone direct me to a site? I tried the London Gazette but it only seemed to confirm he got them, not "HOW" he got them. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  9. I couldn't agree more - lovely to look at. I got this 3 bar group "as is". I have no idea if the Defence Medal should be included, or in what order. The Red Cross medal is not part of the group - it was in the cabinet so I included it in the shot. BTW - the name on the Red Cross medal is "A. Hart" (fitting) Cheers!
  10. I was looking for some identification help on the attached item pics. I was helping a WW2 vet put down some of his memoirs in writing today (family), and as I left, he gave me this cloth emblem and I am at a loss as to what it was used for. Any help would be appreciated. Obviously one pic is of the front and the other the reverse. As for size, the picture was taken on a chair - should give you an idea of dimension (aprox. 6" x 10"). I hope this would be the right forum, please excuse me if it is not. Cheers! BattleCat
  11. Another solution is to buy lottery tickets, win a mansion and then you would have all the space you need. And if the wife kicks you out, then at least you have lots of available rooms while you are in the "dog house". As you can see, my wife also has expressed concerns of limited wall space Off now to buy those lottery tickets....
  12. The fastest, easiest and possible best (if you ever want to unmount, move or change medals) is the "pin" method. But this will depend on the type of frame/display case you use. I did this in two of my examples above. 1) The case which holds the 20 medals is simply a "spoon rack" which a local merchant had 3 and was clearing them out (hence, the price was right). I could not pin to the wood so I simply got some cork board, cut it into thin strip, painted them the same (or close to) color of the wood. I then glued (use the correct glue) the strips up under the horizontal wood strats and then once dried, I used small-headed pins and pinned the medals to the cork. I bought a small box of "multi-colored" pins so that the pin head would match the color of the ribbon and blend in. I can add, move or remove medls easily as my collection changes. 2) The second, and sowmewhat simmilar version is the one with the 10 Finnish medals. MUCH EASIER - You can now buy display boxes that you can hang on the wall or place on a shelf like a picture frame. These are hinged so they open easy and the inside backing is "spongy" (for lack of a better term) so that pins can be used. Many come with pins for that very purpose, but I would suggest getting smaller, less conspicuous pins as I described above. Lots of fun!
  13. Just wanted to add my 2 cents (for what it's worth). I have several different ways I've displayed my medals. Just takes a bit of imagination.....
  14. Hi Dan, Sorry for the (Very) late response. I encountered a "bit" of canera trouble which escalated into a new camera this week. If you still would like to see a pic of the reverse of the "bad PAB", just let me know and I will submit one. Otherwise, have a great weekend! Tom BattleCat
  15. Hi Fella's, Thanks for the feedback! Dan, I will try to get some complete scans of the back over the next day or so. Stay tuned...
  16. Could I get an opinion on the following badge. My first purchase back when, and I purchased as an original and have been told it is not (even close). I think I know what the answer will be Thanks!
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