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    WW! ribbon bar


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    This little upside down treasure came from an eBay auction-by the fuzzy pic I thought it was a New York WW1 medal-but it is not. It's a perfect example of a plasticated US WW2 ribbon bar-and it came with several others showing WW@ service.

    I am very pleased-it's my first one, now if I can just find the medal to go with it. :beer:

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    Guest Rick Research

    And the notable thing IS the one star. The battle bars almost invariably came with the ubiquitous "Defensive Sector" bar. So either no star or two+... but ONE is quite unusual.

    I'm off to my annual sinister gathering of cousins, but if this hasn't been solved from the divisional entitlements list by the time I get back, I'll see if I can spot any large unit singleton. :beer:

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    Thanks Ed, couldn't place the second... I had initially thought NY Conspicuous Service Cross... :blush:

    No, I think (and working from memory, that is a very dangerous thing) it is the VFW. That would be a logical pair.

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    actually the bar was almost certainly a "fleet" one, as the rest of the bar (e.g. the WW2 version) included a stray navy long service medal ribbon in second place (after the purple heart).

    US vets do not seem to have bought a lot of their association medals, so I am quite chuffed: it's a 1920s bar for certain.

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