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    Academy or Forestry Breast Badge?


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    Andolenko shows the General Staff/Nicholas Military Academy Badge as all silver, including the wreath. There is a thread here on the forum in which the identical badge, but with a gilt wreath, instead of silver, is ID'd as a Forestry Badge. Does anyone out there know for sure? Andolenko does not even list a "Forestry" Badge in either the civilian or Military Sections that I could see. This one is listed on ebay as a General Staff Academy Graduation Badge.

    Chris Werner

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    Gentlemen -- I submit this small badge for your consideration. There is just enough silver wash remaining on the protected left edge of the eagle to see that the eagle was once silvered. There is a bit of gold wash remaining on the balance, so that would be consistent with the badge above. This is a stamped bronze badge, not precious metal like the one at issue here. I think this is a general staff officer'a badge but now I'm not as sure as I was.

    Note that there are two crowns on this badge. It looks like the large crown was braized onto the badge. There must be a significance to this but either I have forgotten or I never knew in the first place.

    Can anyone give me a positive ID on this?


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