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    My U.S. Medals Collection


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    Hi all,

    Here's my collection of U.S. medals.

    Civil War:



    This is of course one of the modern strikes and not an original issue piece. I got it in honor of both my wife Kim's and my own relatives who fought in that conflict.

    I eventually hope to get the companion Navy and USMC medal. I'd also love to get one of the Indian Wars medals as well.

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    WWI Victory medal:



    I got this one in honor of Kim's Grandfather Dr. Ferdinand Benjamin Peik who served as a Private during the Great War. We don't own his original medals but they are still held by the family along with his uniforms, etc.


    And update on this. I just discovered that he had actually become a First Lieutenant in the Dental Officers Reserve Corps.

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    China Service medal:



    As with many of the U.S. medals from this period I love this eagle. Quite a few of them were designed by some of our greatest coin designers.

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    American Campaign medal:



    Another terrific eagle which will look very familiar to any fellow numismatists out there... albeit rather worn on this example.

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    Medal For Humane Action (Berlin Airlift):



    I saw a movie when I was younger... the title escapes me. But it seemed to revolve around the Berlin Airlift and it made a great impression on me... seeing how the pilots and crews would drop candy and supplies to the people in the city, especially the children. And the enormous risk they took on each flight with several crashes. Another simply designed medal which represents so much to so many.

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    The Chief Commander of the Legion of Merit:



    In my opinion, this series, and especially the Chief Commander and the Commander are by far some of the most beautiful awards the United States produces.

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    The Legion of Merit Legionaire:





    This is one of the few cased sets I have including the ribbon and the small device for wear in civilian attire.

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    Persian Gulf Campaign medal:



    My understanding of this one is that it was the proposed first issue of a medal for the first Persian Gulf Campaign. Turns out some Congressman saw it, thought it was way too funny and told them to redesign it so it hit the scrap heap. No idea if this story is true but that was what I heard. I have this one, another sealed in the original packaging and had one other that I gave as a gift to a friend who was a long time Sergeant in the Florida National Guard as he got a kick out of the design and felt it would be a terrific conversation piece.

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