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    unknown ribbon bar


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    Thank you Jeff!

    Having perused my US books and the internet-uh.....

    what exactly was the "War Department ETO service ribbon"? When was it authorized? Can you provide me/us with any additional information? Am I correct in assuming that some Red Cros person would have been able to receive this ribbon?


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    Properly, they are termed Oversea - American Theater, Oversea Europe-Africa-Middle Eastern Theater and Oversea - Asiatic-Pacific Theater ribbons. They were authorized in July 1943 for War Department civilians serving in the various war zones.

    All three ribbons had the same basic design, with the American being dark blue, the EAME being dark green and Asiatic-Pacific being golden yellow. They were given for 6 months' overseas service.

    About the only place you'll see them illustrated is the National Geographic "Heraldry of Heroism" article. They are included with a variety of other War Department civilian award ribbons.

    They are relatively scarce items, probably because, with no real provision to wear them, they just disappeared into a jewelry box.

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