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    And here is my little guy. It never ceases to amaze me how nicely the enamel work is done on these tiny jewels. Although hard to see, mine has a maker logo on the reverse. I will try to bring it up with a better scan. Robert

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    [attachmentid=40118]I don't think this will help but here it is. Using my loup as well as straining my eyes it appears to be 3 circles together to form a kind of triangle. It seems familiar but I can't place it. Maybe someone would know. Take a look if you would. Thanks alot. Robert

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    Could the 3 circles be FLL??? Friedrich Linden Ludenschied?? I'm not at my references right now so the spelling and exact name but that is what I associate with the 3 circles. Mike :blush:

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    I have tried to re-scan the reverse to no avail. However, Under a loup and squinting eyes I have come up with this design with a letter in each circle that i cannot quite make out. I know this logo but for the life of me I can't recall it. Pardon my inferior sketching abilities. Robert

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