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    I have recently come into a trove of British, Dominion and Commonwealth cap, helmet and collar badges.

    Some I have identified, others not. I'll ask for your assistance in those cases.

    Most are World War One, many are Victorian, and a few are of World War Two or inter-war vintage.

    I photographed the obverses of each one, and I post them all here for general knowledge's sake.

    There are some restrikes in the mix, I am sure - if you see an obvious example, please say so, but conjecture is not necessarily requested at this time.

    However, if anyone wants to comment, please weigh in at any time; if you have like-badges you want to post, interrupt and do so. If you desire closeups or want to see the reverses of particular badges, post a query, and I'll do that. Many are marked on the reverses.

    There are over 100. Sit back and enjoy the detail, beauty and history behind these pieces. Some famous units are represented here, and a few surprises!

    First up, British 21st Lancers.

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    Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. I have a note that this is an officer's version, as is told by the two-piece construction.

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    No 3 (deaths Head) is the 17th/21st Lancers Badge. Now called the Queens Royal Lancers. Not sure if it is a restrike as badges is not my area but it looks pretty good to me. The RNAS is unusual but I am a little suspicious of that one but as I say I am not an expert on badges so don't take my word for anthing. catjava.gif

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