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    Fake - glider pilots badge case / Attention !

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    I found the following auction at ebay : http://cgi.ebay.de/ETUI-ZUM-SEGEL-FLUGZEUG...1QQcmdZViewItem

    The members whould become aware that this is a fake case (several things are clear pointers; for example the push button, the inlay is made on these from wood instead of from cardboard as on original cases, etc ... ).

    The fakers have certainly done their best to let this one look worn and torn, but it does remain a fake.

    Therefore => be aware and do not hope in this case for a cheap original !!!

    Original cases for the Luftwaffe Glider pilots badge are really hard to find and should be considered rare nowadays.

    Cordial greetings,

    ps: the copyright of the images are from the seller (cholerikerfullpower ), therefore feel free to look at the ebay auction.

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    Hi John,

    My pleasure. I did not ask for further pictures as the ones shown on ebay have already triggered the red flags.

    It is indeed one of the most convincing ones, certainly in addition that it is altered and the person who did this has done a rather convincing job. Therefore i believe that it would be quite easy for a person who is not into glider material and cases that much that it will be a cold shower.

    The press button is the biggest give away at first, the blue outer colour is also more shiny then on originals (so is the texture of such cases not correct) etc .... + there ar emore signs.

    These are often sold with a Fake C.E.Juncker glider badge presented in + since that badge is now easely discovered it seems a new tactique to sell the case on its own.

    Anyway not one you would want to spend your precious earned ?'s on :jumping:

    You are indeed correct about the early pre-war cases ;)

    Cordial greetings,

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    After reading the seller's description and seeing that he is Ralf Haas, I can only recommend that potential buyers search for his name on the various collecting forums and think carefully before bidding.

    If you ever go to militaria shows in Germany, make a point of looking at what he has to offer and ask him if his items are original.

    Caveat emptor!

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    Well it seems that the bidding has ended and he earned 102 ? for a total fake. To bad for the buyer (iff there is one offcoarse as he can easely let a freidn bid on it simply to get a bigger price :shame: )

    Anyway => bad seller = bad deal

    Cordial greetings + happy collecting,

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