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    chinnese medal!real or fake!


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    • 3 weeks later...

    Very interesting! I picked up a copy of the Chinese Order of the Precious Tripod in the flea market outside the Meiji Temple in Tokyo about 15 years ago with exactly the same ribbon (which is NOT Precious Tripod). The medal itself was a fair to poor copy, generally accurate but poorly struck.

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    This is a fake. There is a huge range of this crap coming out of China for the past couple of years. You can buy them in Shanghai for US$1 per piece. Paddywhack has posted a similar medal in another forum and asked the same questions, where it was also identified as a fake, so I presume this was to get a second opinion ? The second opinion, well it is still fake.

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    • 5 months later...

    Again... extremely poor quality fake...

    Even the real one would only worth a few cents...

    For me, the one and only WW2 KMT medal that worth

    to collect is:

    The Order of National emblem "white sun in the blue sky"

    Probably the most prestigious Chinese medal ever existed.

    Market value: untold

    It's no way to find it in the market anywhere, but there are

    few stored in the war museum in Taipei.

    I'm still thinking about how to get them without been noticed! :cheeky:

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