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    Unknown foreign ribbon on Dutch ribbonbar

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    Nice bar!!

    It must be from before the reorganisation of the houseorder as the 1st is the officers grade of the House order of Nassau.

    Kind regards,


    Not necessary: this ribbon could also be of the Cross of Honor of the House Order of Orange (not Nassau :angry:).

    The best guess I have on finding the appropriate owner: start looking at the adjudant's sections of the Officers Lists :beer: I guess he's navy, but that's just a wild guess...

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    You're right eric...

    I'm so sorry, feel sooooo bad about this mistake :shame:

    Well let's look at the data for the ribbons

    Cross of honour of the house order of ORANGE 1969 - x

    Medal for order and Peace 1945 - 1951

    Officers long service cross. since 1951 the roman numbers are used on the batons.

    Medal for the inauguration of queen Beatrix 1980

    I think that Eric is right, as often with the dutch medals.

    The connection with luxembourg (order of Adolph) makes the court-connection likely, as with the cross of honour.

    If I may quote you eric??

    "Dutch citizens have to earn the lowest grade of the house order first, before earning the next highest."

    So this man must have earned the three lowest grades if this had been awarded before the reorganisation of the house order in 1969.

    But afterwards, this became the lowest grade..... Looking at the data, I think this had been awarded after the reorganisation.

    The decorandee of the medal for the inauguration of Beatrix are known to the chancellery, the cross of honour must be know to the chancellery of the house order, please feel free to correct me Eric.

    The order of Adolph of Nassau must also be known as the permission to wear it had to be obtained from the departement of defence??

    remains the problem of privancy.......

    Kind regards,


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    No need to feel bad about mistakes, this forum is to learn from each other. And I won't claim that I never make mistakes!

    The rule that a Dutchman first have to get the lowest grade was put in during the reforming of the House Order of Orange in 1969. Before 1969 you could be awarded with any class as first award in the Order. Still I think that the man must have been awarded this cross after 1969, mainly because of the presence of the Inauguration Medal.

    The roll of recipients for the House Order of Orange will be published in bookvorm next year (if C.P. Mulder gets his funds through), so that will be publicly avaiable soon.

    The roll of recipients for the Inauguration Medal is located at the Chancellery of the Dutch Orders of Knighthood. Two chancellors back you could have open access to that, but the present chancellor is not that easy going with research in his archives. But than again: the list of persons with both a Cross of Honour of the House Order of Orange and an Inauguration Medal 1980 must be very long!

    Since 1988 no permission is required to receive foreign orders, so if our man received it after that year his award is not listed in the Dutch records. Furthermore, although permission was required before that that to many examples exist of people who didn't requested permission!



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