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    Rare Baden Freistaat 25 yr fire clasp.

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    Here is a neat little piece I picked up about a year ago in a trade. I thought it was interesting but I do not collect Feuerwehr stuff. One day I was looking in the OEK and saw a grainy picture of it (326) and I was surprised at the price tag on it. I have kept my eyes open and have only found one other one. Are there any more here? They were given in 1934-36 so I think that there were not too many given out in such a short period.

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    Yes, you got a rare one there. I've been collecting fire awards since 1972, and have only seen one in person, and two on dealer lists.

    It was only issued from 1934 - 36 for 25 years of efficient service. This probably accounts for some of the low numbers, and I believe its size also accounts for bars that were just lost or thrown out. Unlike a nice medal, on a ribbon, most non-recipients or non-collectors don't seem to appreciate these bars.

    Thanks for the nice photo. They are as hard to get as the award itself.


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