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    Auspicious Box

    Ralph A

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    I would be scared to open it. Just like any cunningly packed gift from Japan, once it has been opened it seems to be impossible to return it to the condition it arrived in.

    Will you ever be able to make the bow of the ribbon look like that again? :speechless1:

    Have you already taken a peek or do have your own X-ray machine?


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    Go on show the certificates, you know you want to :jumping:

    It should be a Golden Kite 7th Class and either a Rising Sun or Sacred Treasure 8th Class to a Senior Infantry Private for the Russo Japanese War. I love these sets when the soldiers went to the expense of buying these large storage boxes (they are private purchase items not government issue as some e-bay sellers try to claim). It shows that the original owner was proud of what he obtained and makes it that little bit more important to keep everything together in good condition.

    Unfortunately in Japan you normally find these boxes split away from the certificates :angry: which is why I try to buy such compelte sets any time I find them.

    Having said all that ....... show us the certs :cheeky::love:

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    The award cases themselves are intact - hard to find them without a piece missing; the wood is almost "balsa-like" and therefore very delicate. Also, a closeup of some of the document details.

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