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    SS Dagger


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    Evening gents,

    I need opinions on this Dagger real fast!

    It has the maker mark of Anton Winger Jr Not the RZM mark, and appears to be pre 1936 or earlier?

    My concerns are:

    1, The maker mark is not centred on the blade

    2, There is no Exclamation mark at the end of the Inscription

    3, The scabbard, the top bit , the skirts are hanging off the centre scabbard trunk, not seen much from my searches

    Otherwise it is a nice peice?? what do you guys think? cmon please help!

    I know the pics are crap, but thats all i got on a quick decision....

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    Sorry to be get back on this so late,have you bought this dagger?

    The grip is the wrong shape,the blade is too thin and overall it looks to be a badly made copy sad.gif

    Most SS daggers do NOT have the exclamation mark at the end of the motto although some do,these are considered scarce.

    I would definitely not buy this piece!

    I would be interested though to see better pics especially off the maker mark,motto and grip insignia....just to see how bad they are ohmy.gif


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    Again, I would save your money and put it toward a better piece. You can't go too far wrong buying the best affordable quality.

    That is one bad puppy! I don't like the overall condition or the placement of the maker mark just for openers. I could go on but you get my point. ohmy.gif

    Edited by Bob Hunter
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    Thanks gents,

    Hmm, the plot thickens...

    Too late! have taken the plunge....But not to worry gents, i paid only a small amount for it, so am not too worried about it if it turns out to be "a badly made copy"..... blush.gif

    Will post better pics when it arrives and hopefully ascertain its stance...fake or not...but will go with you guys on this one so far....



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    Hello again Gents,

    Dagger has arrived and yes you were both right...a badly made copy! but the strange thing is....the seller told me it was an Anton Wingen Jr maker marked blade, BUT what i got was a Robert Klaas marked blade.... ohmy.gif

    So have e-mailed the seller explaining that i wanted an Anton Wingen example ( fake or not) NOT a Robert Klaas example, so hopefully will get my money back!

    The scabbard as Bob pointed out...is truly a shocking copy! no screws and the blade rattles inside it...poor finishing all over, Tsk Tsk you would think that to go through all that trouble to fake a SS blade you would think that they would get it actually looking like an Original....

    As for the Blade itself...well the inscription has too many variations from the original ( good really as it makes it easier to spot the fakes, even to an inexperienced collector, which has gotta be a good thing!) The centre is not in alignment with the point...Duh! and the blade shows no sign of the hand polishing that was done to these early blades.The crossguards are , i consider, to be cast pieces , the eagle is too high on the handle and the top nut is too big...

    There is no stamping of the I or II or III...the wooden handle is badly scratched and even around the SS runes at the top, there are heavy scratches consistent with sanding, and it looks like it was done before the SS runes were glued in place

    If i can get the camera sorted i will post pics for everyones reference for the fakes bin!

    You will be wondering why i took the plunge...well due to the circumstances of it coming to my attention, i reasoned that at the price $200NZD ( I know i'm cheap!)and the fact that it was part of a deceased estate...i thought maybe this could be my "Find of the Year"! so thought , bugger it, take a chance...and if it turns out to be a highly sought after original, well i will be a happy camper! besides the seller seemed to me, to know absolutely stuff all about this sort of stuff.( then again he could be a smart cookie and knew what it was)

    Its things like this, and the two rare luft cases i bought earlier, that make a fella want to give up this hobby as those accursed fakers just make me soo ANGRY!

    I just want to carve these scum up with this Bull Sh*T dagger and feed their entrails to the wolves!!! a curse upon them all! ( this will not apply to the genuine people out there who are doing a service for re-enactors and labeling their products as repro's)

    Enough from me!



    Edited by notned
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    Quote:I just want to carve these scum up with this Bull Sh*T dagger and feed their entrails to the wolves!!! a curse upon them all!

    Hello Paul,

    I doubt if your repro dagger would stand up to much carving mate tongue.gif but I know what you mean about fakers!


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