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    This almost looks like Jantzen's bar. Does anyone have more information about it?

    If I had the money I would have bought it - it looks so nice with the Finnish cross (2nd class).



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    Guest Rick Research

    The original wearer was an Oberstleutnant aD, but unfortunately I do NOT remember the name that George told me. So many bars, so many years....

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    Which Class is it?

    :beer: Doc

    2nd class, since it has white background.

    The 3rd and 4th got black background, 3rd with golden cross and 4th with silver cross.

    I believe there are a couple of liberty crosses in the Finnish threads.

    1st class you had around the neck.



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    Doesn't the yellow/red ribbon mean a civil award?

    And doesn't the swords mean a military award?

    I'm a bit confused... :unsure:


    Hi Mike!

    Now I have found some information (http://www.samlarforum.nu/viewtopic.php?t=7432 in Swedish). In short it is like this:

    1918, 1939


    1st, 2nd class: Yellow band.

    3rd, 4th class: Red band.



    Red band for combat.

    Yellow band for other military services or civil services.

    If the medal is a combat award it got swords and a bow. Non-combat awards don't have swords and no bow.

    This is the more complicated part that I hope I have transleted correct:

    16.12.1940 -- 18.8.1944: 1939 received crosses shall have the 1941 bands. But 1939 crosses received before 16.12.1940 doesn't have to be changed.

    After 18.8.1944: All 1939 crosses shall have the 1941 bands and shall be changed.

    On this medal bar:

    * The colour is correct, since it's a 2nd class and it's from 1918.

    * The bow is missing, but I think that is due to unawareness or it should look like the other medal bands.



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