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    Young Guard Shako Plate


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    • 2 years later...

    The plate is a thin stamped brass, and may have been gilded at some point. It measures 8 x 11 cm.

    A lovely piece! Does it have provenance? I ask only because I know they're being reproed for reenactors and collectors.

    I have no reason to believe it's not a good one - don't have the knowledge - but I suspect it wasn't cheap and if there are repros. around almost certainly somebody out there will be 'aging' them sooner or later to pass off as originals. I'd think you could find examples on-line from some of the French museums.

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    I bought the piece several years ago from Ken Richards in sydney, Australia. At the time, I think he was upgrading his collection, and was selling a few of his pieces. I note he no longer has anything for sale on his very nice website. It was pricey, at least for me, but not as high as what I see shako plates are commanding these days. I can only drool when browsing Bertrand Malveaux's catalogue. Maybe I can scrape enough up for a button or two.

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