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    Mongolian dictionary!


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    Well, I finally got me a copy of the Bawden Mongolian dictionary. It has 26500 main entries and many more subsidiary entries which is a lot more than the online sources have, not to mention it's easy to use, again unlike the online sources.

    I'm going to get started with some of the documents I have, and I'll also take a look at the mystery document thread to see if I can clear a few things up there too.

    Anyway I just got it in, but if anybody has any requests I'd be glad to help.



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    Where did you find this? All the copies I have seen are, well, rather expensive. (More than one Order of the Combat Red Banner -- at Igor's prices!)

    That's the very reason it has taken me so long to get one!! I wasn't willing to spend between $400 and $500 to get one from the sellers on ABEbooks, so one day I type in "Mongolian Dictionary" on ebay and there it was. For almost the entire time I was the high bidder at $12, but then in the last few minutes it shot up to a stratospheric $45.60+ $7.00 shipping and it was mine!

    I guess Ebay isn't all bad!



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    Does anyone know of anyone that can do translations of Mongolian? I am sure the question has been asked before, but I couldn't find it in this forum...

    I recently picked up a flag out of a now-defunct museum in Russia that belonged to a White Russian unit that was in Mongolia during the Russian Civil War. Or at least supposedly... There is Mongolian text all over the front of the flag, but my foreign language ability is confined to Russia, so I can't read it. I'd love to get it translated at some point.

    Any advice would be helpful!



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