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    Possible but I do not like the MVO4. The back looks like a fake to me. The lack of detail to the back of the order and the swords (any detail) would make me stay away.

    Thanks for the insight...just got this from ebay regarding this seller and another auction they had...

    Please be advised that the following auction:

    170060355285 - World War 1 German Large group of medals

    was ended early by eBay. The auction was ended due to the account suspension of the seller.

    All results for this auction are null and void.

    Interesting...considering your last observation...thanks for the save


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    Guest Rick Research

    Yikes! It looks like an attempt at faking a Weiss & Co MVO4X, but the suspension and swords are all wrong, and never seen centers like that on the usual icky cast and frosted Weiss pieces.

    From the micro scans, I could have accepted the centers on those arms as an unknown(to me anyway) Weiss variant, but NOT that suspension and Xs.

    I have a totally frosted silver (never any gilt whatsoever) with soilid silver revrese disk (and yes, frosted SILVER) Weiss MVO4X that I've posted before, but that suspension...


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    Thanks for the expert eye Rick...that's why I come to you guys...it's a wealth of knowledge at least for me. I appreciate the lessons...

    I don't have the expertise in them but I thought the X looked shifty...just didn't look right...so now I hae a little more to look for in the future. Many thanks


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