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    Hallo Gentlemen :beer:

    Just taking a well earned break from all the feasting and obligatory celebrations, (being a non-drinker I can only take so much merry-making when surrounded by those who do imbibe :rolleyes: well thats my story and I am sticking to it. :off topic:)

    At the last meeting of the Hobby Club in Deva, (23rd December 2007) I came across this pack of 24 postcards, depicting a battle in days of yore.

    Looking at the style of uniforms I would say Napoleon Bonaparte v. Mother Russia. (1700's?)

    This is outside of my area of collecting, but I took them because the owner stated he was going to sell them as individual cards if nobody was interested in them as a packet.

    The cards are postaly unused and appear to be a souvineer pack from the 1980 from some museum, the inside of the card holder has info printed on it but its all in Russian. They are 18cm X 12,5cm in size, all in good condition.

    I will attach some pictures here, and when Identified I will probably put the item up for sale, in the relevant section.

    If anybody is interested in larger pictures of the cards and folder please PM me your email address.

    sorry for the quality of the pictures best I can do when I resize them.

    Edited by Kev in Deva
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    This is a postcards kit of the Borodino Panorama Museum, close to Moscow.

    This Museum was inaugurated in 1962 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the battle fought between the French troops of Napoleon and the Russian soldiers under Field Marshal Kutuzov, which took place in August 1812 just 129 kilometers outside Moscow. The museum is built on the historic site of the village of Fili, where legend has it a council of war was held in a small peasant hut to decide the fate of Moscow and indeed the entire country. The statue is of Marshal Kutuzov.

    Ths postcards are pictures from a 115-meter long circular painting by the Russian artist Franz Roubaud.


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