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    overall = 55.0 X31.5 mm

    crown = 25.0 X 22.5 mm

    falcon = 18 X25 mm

    swords = 35 X 1.5 mm

    weight = 17.65 gm

    OEK 2335

    hope this helps.


    Hi Joe

    Thanks for that, would that be the same overall size for the White Falcoln with trophy. As I understand prior to 1870 they were issued which might make them smaller, After 1870 swords used instead of trophy & replaced with wreath.

    Thanks Yankee

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    The Trophy pieces are a lot smaller then anything awarded arround 1900. I used to own one with Trophy and one with Trophy and swords. Maybe I will find seom pictures later.

    But again. The earlier the smaller they are - as a rule of thumb.

    Here the reverse of an knight 1st class in gold from the beginning of WWI:

    Sorry for the bad picture quality. IT looks a lot better in real life: Red and yellow gold detailing

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