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    Belgian bar

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    Dear Igor,

    I have seen a site which handles about the reals and fakes of this bar,

    I will have to look it up.

    However, one of the points is the thickness of the bar, could you give a side picture of the bar, from where we can determine the thickness of the plate.

    Kind regards,


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    Hello Igor,

    Here's a few points which will help determine whether you have a copy (which I think it is) or not :

    height of the bar : original 6 mm vs. 6.9 mm on the copy

    height of the enameled cross : original 11.3 mm vs. 11.85 mm on the copy

    total width (i.e. bar + its suspension) : original 3.3 mm vs 5.8 mm on the copy - this is probably the most easy to check : there is an unusually big gap between the bar itself and the back suspension part.

    Also there are some other points with regard to the type of figures used (especially the "1" and "7"), the background (yours looks like having irregularly crossed lines - an original shows regular "points") and the fact that the enameled cross arms are protruding less than with an original which all together lead me to think it is a copy.



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