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Hello @all,

I'm shure some of you have watched the "red eagle" auctions at the german ebay.Now my question-(this name was brought up in the other forum):if this guy was awarded with the ROA 3rd class with swords,why he got later the 2nd class without?If it is the right guy....And another thing,the bar went off for more than 3000?-what makes it so expensive? I did expected the 2nd class including the case and the cardbox higher than the bar....


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The RAO on the bar was actually a Third Class with Crown and Bow, not Swords. Very rare combination, but no swords... The Crown signifies a subsequent award of the same class, the bow represents an upgrade from the Fourth to the Third Class.

The Boxed and Cased Second Class with Oakleaves signifies an upgrade from Third to Second Class. Again substantially rare and the first outer jeweler box I have seen for this grade of the cross. The cardboard boxes give a whole new meaning to the word "rare"....

There were quite a few fellows who new who this general was.... hence the extreme bidding interest.

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Missed whatever this was about entirely--like getting a book with the first ten chapters ripped out-- have no clue. Cat Scratch.gif

I don't find reference to ANY General Walter Frh. v. Keyserlingk at ALL, so can't say as I'd see any particular reason for a "celebrity" bidding frenzy. Napoleonic?

Amazingly calm and tranquil being poor and finding joy in the Simple (Cheap) Things. laugh.gif

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Well,as much I found out he was:Kapit?n zur See Walter Freiherr von Keyserlingk, 28/1/1916 - 1/6/1917.Later he must have been Admiral or Vizeadmiral....

This was the auction


There was also a ROA 2nd class with oakleave in the original case with the cardbox...


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Ah char. VIZEADMIRAL aD Walter Freiherr von Keyserlingk (1869-1946)!!!

Hmmm. He did NOT get a Red Eagle 2nd with oakleaves--

he got Red Eagle 2nd with Oakleaves and Swords.

Other than being the only anti-Semitic kook I'm aware of to be arrested by the Gestapo cheeky.gif , not a particlularly exciting character-- and a well below exciting WW1 record.

Thanks for that link! Did you save any other item numbers? Is there a way to bring back sold items to see the other lots?

Because if there was a peacetime RAO2mE in there, it was NOT his group. The shockingly priced three medal bar is NOT a unique combination, in the absence of firm attribution. It could have been dozens of Colonel/Major General level officers. The backing is not army red or navy blue, so even that cannot be established from simply a loose medal bar without (?) award documents.

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I do not think the ID is correctly stated above. Andreas Schulze-Ising, as well as another WAF member who actually spoke with this seller have stated that the items were not of one person, but of several related people within the same family.

In any event, the class on the bar is exceptionally rare. As in the 3rd one I have actually seen come to market. The outer boxed RAO2mEL is the only example of this box I have ever seen come to the "open market".

Same situation with this seller's Cased Gold Liaket Medal that sold for in excess of 900 Euro. The only example like this I have ever seen come to market.

In this situation, "market and/or book" prices are absolutely irrelevant. The item(s) will take on a life of their own with competative bidders each paying exactly what they personally believe the item to be worth.

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Ahhhh! The CASE says RAO2mE "and Swords" (gazetted to him 31.10.17) written on it, but what is being sold as BELONGING in there does NOT--


Tut tut. Somebody has been either REALLY screwing up what goes with what from the attic or

salting the mine.

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Actually........ I suspect there are pieces missing that will appear at your local ebay soon. Amongst the current MIA:

Uncased Saxon Albert Commander with Swords (case sold loose)

Uncased St Olaf's, Commander (case sold loose)

Uncased W?rttemburg Friedrich's Order, Commander (and again with the case)


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Evil!!! Evil!!!!! Cat Scratch.gif

And him a former altar boy (far left with wrist-saxophone from the Saints Pandolf and Euthenasia Home For Overaged Foundlings) too!


I shall pray that this curse be lifted from you! Only then is there hope for you!

As it is written


so shall it be!

We're not like OTHER Forums, folks! We care about Immortal Souls too here!



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Yea-yuh, my barruthers anda sissssters! You KNOW in your hearts that in the wrong hands, my Evil Twin's attempts to pierce the Unseen World, seeing that which is not there in our dimensions can ONLY lead him on the payuth toa ruinanation!


Only Iah canna exorcisea hissa deeamons and restore Thea Forcea toa balance, parayze-beah!


For though he is now Eeeeevile (and getting more so! ohmy.gif ) he was not BORN evil! There IS hope!

It is NOT his fault that his earliest years were spent as sports equipment in a sinister underground Baby Basketball League!


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Guest Brian von Etzel

I almost went after pieces for the RAO cases, but, I'm not sure that would confuse my lot in the future, or be OK, since it's only cases. Still I hesitated and didn't at the end choose to pollute... Still wish I had those two cases...

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Guest Brian von Etzel

This poor little piece needs a case. Toss the ribbon in a trunk. Lock it away in a little red box and be done with it.

user posted image

Too bad I can't post photos, you have to take my LARGE photos instead. violent.gif

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It's a MIRACLE!!!!

ONE call to my gray eminence friend (he's settled into his new Rome apartment nicely, thanks) who used to be the character "Simon Says" on the old "Rockie and Bullwinkle Show"





Who's the GOOD Ricky? Me me me!!! cheeky.gif

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Saints Pandolf and Euthnasia are an engineering and construction order. I believe Himself is seen with the Knights Hospitaliers of the Order of Saint Tamara (St Tammy's Healers).

It's all so very complicated but has something to do with orange ribbon thingies...

Not to worry, Rick, just keep wearing that garland of garlic around your neck and you will be fine. cool.gif

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