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    I picked this 2 place ribbon bar up lately and don't remember seeing one like this before. While the medals represented are not uncommon, I thought that I would share this bar with everyone. Ribbon bar is approx 1 3/4 x 1 inch in size. Would like to see other examples of this style of ribbon bar. Thanks, Mike

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    Guest Rick Research

    Mine has some sort of teeny little clips in there like some full size bars have, or maybe hooks. I've never poked around in there to see because the ribbons have obviously never been moved as made.


    Mine came from a box of never sold period dealer stock from W?rttemberg-- literally HUNDREDS of the same commonest 1930s WW1 local veteran combinations like this. There were dozens of mini bars like this-- some trios, some with the W?rttemberg Long Service ribbon like this one.

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    Hi Mike, welcome back!! Hope the trip was a BLAST! I'd agree with HWSNBN'd... you have a miniature medal bar. These are very hard to find and irrespective of the actual awards presented should be considered rare. Here's an example of one I just recently sold that was mounted on a button to be worn on the lapel! Complete with miniature (and foam at the mouth rare) 1914 date bar!

    user posted image

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