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  1. Hi all, I am the one selling the bar. I got the bar from Stogieman a year or so ago. I have sent him an e-mail to talk about the bar. Mike
  2. Thanks Chris, I had tried to translate these and what I came up with did not make any sense. This helps a lot. All the best! Mike
  3. Well thanks to all for looking, had hoped someone would have had an idea what they are for. Mike
  4. Picked these up and was wondering if someone could let me know what they were for.. Thanks for the help Mike First one appears to be a stahlhelm relate document
  5. Thanks Rick, that is the largest I can post. Seems I can only post smaller size photos now for some reason. Mike
  6. This photo came with a group of WWI German postcards. Any ideas as to who they are? One has upside down horse shoes one each sleeve. Sorry the photo is a bit small, seems I can't post larger ones as before for some reason. Thanks for the help. Mike
  7. At first I thought he was German but now not sure. Any ideas as to the country and time frame he is from? Thanks Mike
  8. Thanks! another mystery solved! Mike
  9. Humm, I really don't know! Did not evern think about that one! Where is master Rick when we need him? Mike
  10. Anyone have a clue where they soldier might be from> Mike
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