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    Kriegsrangliste from Prussian officer

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    Hi everybody,

    I just want to share with one of my Kriegsrangliste of Hauptmann d. R. Otto Jordan.

    JORDAN Otto Adalbert Emil was born december, the 2nd 1869 ? Herbesthal near Eupen.

    Became volunteer for one year in april, the 14th in IR Nr. 86

    15 octobee 1890 Gefreiter.

    15 january 1891 devient sous-officier.

    29 may1892 Vizefeldwebel.

    27 january 1894 second lieutenant.

    18 june 1903 first lieutenant.

    21 april 1911 captain of reserve.

    28 february 1913 end of his service and can wear the uniform of the Landwehr

    27 august 1914 call back for duty and was in the R.I.R. 206.

    24 mai1915 wounded with the R.I.R. 206.

    24 november 1915 became commandant with the official date of 1st june 1915.

    from 9 february 1919 till 25 june 1919 with the Freiwillige Landesj?gerkorps.

    The RIR 206 belonged to 87th reserve brigade of the 44e reserve division rom XXIIe reserve corps under order of von Falkenhayn from VI Army of General von Quast. At the end of the war, Jordan fought with the Freiwillige Landesj?gerkorps and entered in the Reichswehr.

    Otto Jordan received the following medals before and during the war :

    DA XX, in 1903

    BrH3b, january, the 15th 1914

    EK2, october the 28th 1914

    EK1, august, the 11th 1915

    ?M3K, february, the 12th 1916

    HH, august, the 31th 1916

    HHO3X, july, the 27th 1917

    Schwarz VW, august, the 31th 1918

    Received the following medals after the war

    VK, march, the 20th 1920

    MarineKorps Flandern, in 1921

    Hungarian medal commemorative for the war, april, the 21th 1931

    Ehrenkreuz f?r Frontk?mpfer, january, the 30th 1935

    Urkunde Freiwillige Landesj?gerkorps, july, the 1st 1937

    Austrian medal commemorative for the war, january, the 4th 1938

    Bulgarian medal commemorative for the war, february, the 25 1938

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    Guest Rick Research

    AND you have his love.gif ribbon bar!!!! beer.gif

    His HHOX was gazetted in the Milit?r-Wochenblatt 14 August 1917-- 17 days after it was actually bestowed.

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    Not the big, but the only small ribbon bar with 6 ribbons. When I bought this group, following documents are missing : Hohenzollern, Brunswick and both iron crosses, thant's life angry.gif

    I hope to recreate with new ribbons the medal bar. For that, I have to find the BrH3b (may be one day).


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    Hi Christophe,

    whilst the extract above shows his Oberleutnent patent as 18.6.03 Z4z, the 1902 edition also gives his full Leutnant Patent - 27.1.94 F7f. At that time he was living at B?lowstra?e 32 a III, Berlin.

    A more famous reserve officer also commissioned on the 27.1.94 was Walter Bloem, the novelist and author of amongst other works "Vormarsch", translated into English as "The advance from Mons".



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