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    Schwarzburg Silver Medal for Merit in War

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    I recently purchased an NCO/OR bar with the topic title award in the late zinc version. The other medals on the bar look fine, but on inspection of the subject award I noticed a "flaw" (for lack of a better word). My photo is not the best, but the problem is that the first "1" in the date "1914" is missing it's bottom. This is my first award of this type, so I don't know if it's ok. Perhaps someone else has seen this before or have this award with said "flaw" or perhaps it's a fake?

    Kind regards,


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    Guest Rick Research

    Hi Sam-- that's really to dark and distant to tell much. What does the entire bar, front and back, look like?

    I never had a zinky Schwarzburg, so can't say there, but if everything else is fine there shouldn't be any reason for this one to have been pulled off and replaced with a clunker.

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    Guest Rick Research

    I don't see any problems with the bar as a whole. Though it is difficult to see much of anything from those scans! :cheeky:

    That's a nice early bronze Meiningen War Merit Medal?

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    The bar looks OK to me. I remember seeing it listed and liked it at well. The Zinc ones can have less definition. The numerals on these Schwarzburg medals are stylized with cross-hatches midway on the number. Looks like the definition on the lower half of the first number one was either filled or worn off. Hard to tell from the pics.

    Here is a zincer 3 bar to compare with.

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