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  1. Hi, I agree, horrible quality. It looks a lot like the Gode (sp?) copies of Imperial German Orders made for the general public. It must be a lost art creating the quality orders of pre 1918. Regards, Sam
  2. Hi, Very impressive. Thank you for showing it. Wonderful Medal Bar despite no enamel, lol. Kind regards, Sam Kircus
  3. Hi, Thanks for posting. Hard to believe so much survived WWII. It's great to see Kaiser Wilhelm I distinctive medal bar that we see in all his photos. It's wonderful that it survives. Many thanks for taking the time to post. Kind regards, Sam K.
  4. Wow! How does something like this survive so long!? LOL Unbelievable. Kind regards, Sam
  5. Wow, This unbelievable, what a great story with a happy ending. Regards, Sam K.
  6. Hi saschaw, I could see no traces of swords, but did notice excess resin, so maybe it was tampered with. Perhaps taken apart and reassembled? I'll try and post photos tomorrow. Thank you, Sam K.
  7. Hi, This information on the "hunt" for the orders of deceased awardees into the third Reich is mind boggling, to say the least. Crazy. Kind regards, Sam K.
  8. Hi, Yes, perhaps the bar is bad. The orders are fine, so I think it would be possible to sell it for the price of the orders in the future, which is about what I paid for it, so not burned too badly. Live and learn. Many thanks for all the good information gentlemen. Kind regards, Sam K.
  9. Hi Claudio, Thanks. Those two are among my favorites. The Oldenburg and China bar in the single photo were purchased from a forum member a few years ago. Kind regards, Sam K.
  10. Hi, I posted my Non Combatant bars, so thought I'd post these. Most have probably been seen before, in fact, I've posted some before and the images are no longer here. Kind regards, Sam K.
  11. Wow, Many thanks for the info gentlemen. The knowledge you gentleman possess of the minutiae of Imperial German regulations and the often eccentric rules of the awarding States always astounds me. It is truly unbelievable. Kind regards, Sam K.
  12. Hi, Very nice and interesting displays. Magnificent conversation starters. Well displayed. Kind regards, Sam K.
  13. Hi Claudio, You probably have seen it. All my bars have been purchased from on line dealers , major auction houses, and even members of our forum (actually some of the best). I think most all of my bars have been seen before. Kind regards, Sam Kircus
  14. I can imagine it would feel much the same as getting one from our own modern day version of the GESTAPO in the USA; the IRS. It's a sick feeling getting one of those at the PO Box. Thankfully, it turned out to be harmless, lol. Regards, Sam K.
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