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    Just in, a large (about 39" x 23") map of Mongolia and China (Lake Buir-Nur) is from 1942, but with pencil markings indicating Soviet troop movements as of August 1945. Detail below. Will get a full photo when I can (in a couple of weeks).

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    Two nice badges there, Ed. - thanks for showing them. I like the cap star particularly. The cockade is a police badge, I believe and, as such doesn't come into my field of collecting (though the dividing line is pretty thin in some instances!

    I thought you might like to see the Mongolian oddments I have. The first is the Army General's cap badge - officers used the cockade only, without the gilt metalwork. The dark cockade is merely the subdued version, probably worn by al ranks.

    My second is the badge of the Air Force, this being an earlier pattern, I think, which was superseded by the Soviet-inspired version shown in the third scan. I do believe the older version is again currently in use, but would like confirmation of this.

    The last scan shows the post 1992 Army badge for officers

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