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    Spanish Cross in Bronze with out Swords


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    Hello folks,

    I want to show you my cross. I had to have one since so many were awarded to KM personal. I have a question, what percentage of these crosses were awarded to KM personal? It look like most tended to go to the KM, or is that a false assumption?

    Thank you,


    Here is the obverse:

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    Hi Jody, yes al lot of them went to KM, but I believe quite a number went to ground crews, administrative, anything behind the lines. Crews of ships that saw action all got the silver grade. So I can't answer your question precisly but if the KM got the majority of Bronze w/o swords I don't believe it was by any means a lanslide victory ;)

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    Generally yes, the eagles are separately applied but this is a known maker with the eagles as part of the cross. There are no doubts (that I know of) for this particular maker. I do not know which maker it was though. Perhaps other who have more knowledge may add more.

    I have examples in bronze and silver. Here's the silver version for comparison.


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