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    Luftwaffe Marksmanship Lanyards

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    Very nicely displayed, Bill... smile.gif

    Luftwaffe Marksmanship Lanyards.

    On the 30th September 1936, an order (LV36, No 1447) was issued for a new system of marksmanship awards, these to replace the existing army pattern awards which were in the form of 8cm long aluminium Tresse stripes that were placed on the lower left sleeve.

    The new lanyards (Sch?tzenschnur) came in twelve grades.

    Grade 1: A blue-grey silk cord, interwoven with aluminium threads and dark oxidized shield.

    Grades 2-4: as above, with the addition of 1-3 dark oxidised acorns.

    Grade 5: Cord with aluminium threads interwoven with blue-grey silk and bright aluminium shield.

    Grades 6-8: as above, with the addition of 1-3 bright acorns.

    Grade 9: Cord of blue-grey silk, interwoven with dark gold coloured thread and gold shield.

    Grades 10-12: As above, with the addition of 1-3 gold acorns.

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