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    1. Brad, remarkable progress to obtain them in a year. After all these years, I am still missing the oberstabsingeniuer tabs. Thanks for sharing!
    2. It would have been nice if it WAS the glider or retired pilot though!
    3. It is an Air Gunner badge. It is the same style as the Radio Operator/ Air Gunner badge but without the lightning bolts. The eagle face the other direction for the glider and the wings are a little flatter across the top. Bill
    4. Paul, I got them with a pair of Oberingenieur tabs, which led me to believe they were an Oberingenieur d.R. set, but in my opinion, the blue was not quite right for reserves. After reexamining the change order, I now believe the set to an Obernautiker set from after Order LV41 No. 1562 8 Oct, 1941, which also mentions the collar tabs changed from props on dark green to the ingenieur type of props on pink. Do you agree? Bill
    5. Similar to these? This blue is lighter than my other Ingenieur reserves. Bill
    6. Well it took me almost 2 years to find what I remember seeing. This is from page 94 of the Brian Davis book, "Uniforms and Insignia of the Luftwaffe, Vol.1" "The Navigator Corps Officers were originally distinguished from personnel of the other branches of the Luftwaffe by the use of gold-yellow combined with dark green as their arm-of-service colour. Thes Colours were displayed by means of dark green collar patches and shoulder-straps with a secondary colour of gold-yellow on the underlay of green. Early in 1940 a colour change took place when gold-yellow as the Corps secondary colour was replaced by lemon-yellow." So this means the pair I have is Navigator Corps. Bill
    7. Wow! 10 months since any new stuff on this thread. This arrived today. Notice the date The promotion occurred over one year after the navigation corps were disbanded! This is part of a small group consisting of this document and the certificate of citizenship for him and his wife.
    8. Hucks - thanks for posting your fine example and welcome to GMIC. Let's see some more! Bill
    9. Paul, Your photo would be Fl.Ing a.K Hans Nowak. The stamp appears to be his mailing address as he signed it Hans and sent it to his family in Dresden. A very nice photo! Bill
    10. An Unknown Flieger-Ingenieur Can anyone make out the stamp? Is it the person's name or the studio stamp?
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