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    Here is Scmitt's map of the area to the South of Verdun. Just below the Binos is St-Mihiel. He was in the sector just below Verdun, which is on the top left. From the Units on the map he must have been there in mid 1916.

    Funny to think of this in the map case of the chieff of staff, poured over by old guys with monacles....while guys whose EK docs I have were less than a pinprick....

    Does anyone know where von Ge?ling served?

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    Gy?ling, not Ge?ling. Otto Ritter von Gy?ling.

    On mobilization, he was a Generalmajor in command of the 6. Feldartillerie-Brigade of the 6. bayerische Infanterie-Division. From 17 February 1915 to 17 April 1916, he commanded the 6. bayerische Infanterie-Division. He was replaced then due to illness by Genlt. z.D. Albert Koch. From 14 June 1917 to war's end, he was Inspekteur der Etappen-Inspektion der 6. Armee. He was promoted to Gen.d.Art. z.D. on 28 May 1918.

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    After not finding a Ge?ling in the rank lists, I figured the vowels were just hard to read. I tried every other vowel combination - Ga?ling, G??ling, Gi?ling, Go?ling, G??ling, Gu?ling, G??ling. No luck. I searched the web.genealogie and lexikon-der-generale sites for Generale der Artillerie ending in "ling". Then I just started going down the Bavarian rank lists, hoping a name would jump out. After a few pages, like a brick to the head... oh yeah, "y" is a vowel too. :rolleyes:

    By the way, that drawing is the same one that illustrates Gy?ling in Das Bayernbuch vom Weltkriege.

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