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    Dear sirs,

    For a first thread on this forum, I would like to hear your opinions on the following 2-place ribbon bar. I am posting this little bar hoping to find the meaning of the second ribbon with swords device. My search was unsuccessful so far. As I can see, the ribbon is made of three colours. The main colour is purple, with a small black stripe and a wider dark-gold stripe on each side.

    What do you think?

    Best regards,


    Ps: The picture of the bar was taken while resting on a plastic easel, hence the two corners left and right...

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    Welcome on board.

    Your ribbon bar contains the following ribbon

    Iron cross 2nd class

    Ribbon for Saxe Ernestine (knight cross or merit medal)

    You can make search in this forum "Saxe Coburg Gotha", "Saxe Ernestine".

    For your eyes, one of my nicest ribbon bar including knight cross 1st class with X Saxe Ernestine.

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    Thank you, Christophe. I am afraid I have been caught by the 'Imperial' bug and I am now making my first small steps into this new world. As a sidenote, is the colour of the swords the indication for being 1st or 2nd class in my case?

    Let me also congratulate you for the nice bar you have, among the many others in your superb collection.

    Best regards,


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    Hi Laurens,

    You are right, when the X are in silver, it may be for the knight cross 2nd class or for merit medal.

    When the X are in gold it is for the knight cross 1st class.

    We need to be careful with ribbon bars. We are waiting for the work of Rick Research about the ribbon bars. This work will be the most complete book about this subject.

    I think as soon as he finished the transcription of the rolls, he can spend his time to finish this book. I hope so.



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    Guest Rick Research

    Silver Xs could be a Knight 2nd, a Merit Cross, or the Silver Medal. Probably either the first or the last given the odds of senior NCOs (in the middle) having along service award. Also playing odds, if it was a medal, most likely from Coburg since Altenburg and Meiningen preferred to hand out other enlisted awards before their medals. So just guessing on the odds, it's probably a Knight 2nd Class from Altenburg or Coburg for an Oberleutnant or Leutnant.

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