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    New 57 Arrivals - General Assault Badge 200

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    I've just received some more 57 items for my collection. Here is a General Assault Badge for 200 engagements. I'm given to understand that, although part of the 1957 re-issue awards and badges, none of these 200 GABs are known to have been awarded during WW2. However, I have heard tell that some WW2 veterans claim that they were told that they were to be awarded the 200 GAB towards the very end of the war, but the actual badges were never presented. What, if any, truth there is in this I have no idea, but I suppose if there were some who had fought at say Stalingrad, on the Eastern front and continued fighting the Russians up until Berlin fell, they could well have been involved in 200 or more engagements.Whatever the truth in this story, apparently this is why the 200 GAB was produced in a 57 re-issue form.

    As usual, any comments or observations welcome.



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    Hello Paul

    As I said, what truth there is in the story behind this award I have no idea. Either way, these were produced as legitimate 57 re-issue awards. Let's face it, it could be some veterans claimed, or maybe even had some sort of evidence they had been involved in 200 or more engagements, and persuaded the manufacturers to make this for them. At the end of the day it's the same GAB as used for 75 engagements, just the number plaque stuck onto it is different.

    Either way, I love the eagles on these. Real brutes !!

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    I started out collecting 3rd Reich stuff (as perhaps a lot of us did) before finding my preffered field.

    However these 57 awards are fascinating! I have to admit occasionally being tempted to dive into these!


    I still collect Third Reich and Imperial items, but I also really like these 57 items. What I am always on the look out for are the really early pieces made from wartime parts. Obviously they are also considerably cheaper than their Third Reich counterparts.

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