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    Small documented berlin medal group

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    Because I can?t afford some medals and orders, my collection theme now is to collect documented groups related to the capture of Berlin. I have so far 3 documented groups related to the battle of Berlin. Here is my last acquisition which is also my smallest Berlin related group.

    The group is incomplete. It seems there is missing 2 Red stars and 1 Order of the Patriotic war. Unfortunately I do not have the missing numbers.

    Group to Anton Mikhailovitch Tretiak an Ukrainian from the 63rd Army. I guess that is what the stamps mean with the number ?63?. However I don?t think the 63rd Army was involved in the battle of Berlin. :unsure:

    He was corporal in 1945 and sergeant in 1946. The document says he was a driver.

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    Guest Rick Research

    He was born in 1920 and drafted in 1940. Took part in the Great Patriotic War since 22 June 1941.

    TWO Red Stars-- 16.1.43 and (7.3. ? under stamp so not clear) 1945.

    He was an auto mechanic and driver in the

    bridging company of the 63rd Independent Motorized Pontoon Bridging Battalion. :cheers:

    From the stamps showing issuance of a War Participants' Badge on two of those, he must have still been alive around 2000-- is that when those badges came out?

    You can bet his January 1943 Red Star as a very junior enlisted man would have been quite a distinction!

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    Oh so that is where the #63 come from.

    Any idea to which army belong the 63rd Independent Motorized Pontoon Bridging Battalion?

    Sorry that I had to resize my scans. The second Red Star is dated : 6.03.1945

    Edited by Soviet
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    Guest Rick Research

    There is nothing there so far showing any unit higher than his Battalion. If you had his Award Record Card, that would show what level of higher command issued his two Red Stars.

    I would guess that being an "Independent" unit, it was controlled at Army Corps or Front level, not in a Division.

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