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    Group to Berlin fighter Ivan Grigorievitch Strunkov

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    This is the little threat I paid myself few months ago for Christmas. I complete documented group to a participant of the capture of Berlin. The group is fully researched and has research been conducted by Dave you was one of the previous owner. I bought the group from another collector who bought it from Dave. It's now in my custody and should stay here for a long time. :)

    All awards have their proper documents, and there are no awards missing to the group.

    M. Strunkov was enlisted and became an officer in the 1950s. Some people told me that it is difficult to find a Red Banner awarded to an enlisted person. What's also interesting about this group is that none of these awards are for long service. They are all for military valour during the Great Patriotic War, except for the OGPWII (1985 version).

    1. Last Name : Strunkov

    2. Name and Patronymic : Ivan Grigorievitch

    3. Military Rank : Sergeant

    4. Sex : Man

    5. Year of birth : 1919

    6. Place of birth : Smolensk Oblast

    7. Party membership : member since 1943

    8. Education : elementary school

    9. Nationality : Russian

    10. Service in the Red Army : September 1939 ? July 1946

    11. Place of service and duty position at time of awarding : 370th artillery regiment, 230th rifle division

    12. Place of service and duty position at the current time : Secretary ???

    13. Home Address: ???

    14. Awards

    Medal for valour 698239

    Order of the Red Star 1270307

    OGPWII 662588

    Order of the Red Banner 260951

    Medal for the Capture of Berlin

    Medal for the Victory over Germany







    Picture from his service record

    Edited by Soviet
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    Citation for Red Banner



    I will take Dave translation as it is quite difficult for me to decipher the writings on the document.

    ??? In the battle while breaching a heavily fortified defense, disposed in depth, at the bridgehead west of the town of K?strin (Germany) provided for the continuous radio communications at the observation post between the battalion commander and the batteries' fire positions. Contributed to a non-stop fire control for the batteries and infantry advance. In the battle at the town of Bukov (Germany) under the enemy fire repaired the portable radio and timely transmitted commands for batteries, provided for suppression of the enemy fire positions and infantry advance.

    ??? in the battle during the forced crossing of the river Spree at the city of Berlin he reached the left bank and adjusting fires ??? destroyed 2 artillery guns, 3 machine-guns and up to 10 German soldiers and officers, thus providing for friendly infantry advance.

    ??? in the street fights in the city of Berlin, when the telephone communications broke down, under the enemy fire quickly contacted the battery fire positions on the radio and timely transmitted commands; an enemy mortar battery has been shot down thus providing for the advance of the friendly infantry in the direction of the center of Berlin.

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    Citation for Red Star



    ??.08.1944 in the Ursojia district, Moldovian SSR, the observation post radio broke down. Realizing the importance of communications, he took a back up radio and ??? artillery and mortar, rifle, and machinegun fire, at risk to his life, crawled to the observation post and quickly restored communications with the stronghold (?), thus supporting the success of the combat. While pursuing the enemy in the battles on the intermediate lines, he stayed with forward infantry units, and timely transmitted the orders, thus facilitating suppression of the enemy firing points.

    ??.08.1944 in the vicinity of the village of Kashkalia, Moldovian SSR, the enemy moved to a counter-attack from the right bank. The telephone communications broke down. Strunkov ??? established radio communications, which allowed the battalion to timely open the fire, and to turn back the enemy counter-attack.

    Deserves the governmental award of the Order of the Red Star.

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    Citation for OGPWII



    On January 14, 1945 when breaching the enemy defense, disposed in depth in the vicinity of the village of Chervonka, Warsaw province, when the enemy artillery fire disrupted the wire communications, he quickly established radio communications, providing for timely transmission of the orders in support of the infantry with the artillery fire. Thus, he contributed to the successful breaching of the defense by our units.

    On January 15, 1945 in the battle during the forced crossing of the river Pilitsa and seizing the village of Movitze, Warsaw province, while rebuffing the enemy counter attacks, he provided for non-stop battalion fire control on the radio. In spite of the heavy artillery fire he stayed at his radio and continued transmission till the end of the battle, preventing any breaks in communications. Thus, he supported rebuffing of the enemy counter-attacks and seizing the village by our forces.

    On February 1, 1945 during the forced crossing of the river Oder in the vicinity of the town of ?elim (?) (Germany), when our forces were holding the bridgehead on its western bank, he continued to support radio communications between the battalion commander and the battery commanders, providing for the correct, effective, and quick transmission of artillery fire orders and timely call for fire, which in its turn provided for the successful forced river crossing and holding the bridgehead on its western bank by our forces.

    Deserves to be awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd Class.

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    That's a VERY NICE group!!! I like the area of collecting Soviet ODMs you have chosen. It's kina like my new focus on Soviet medical Personnel.

    Thanks Doc! Except that your collecting theme seems lot more difficult to find. You have to be lucky with research!

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    Bryan, here is a short summary of the unit history of the 230th RD:

    Formed on the 29. June 1943 from the 229th Rifle Brigade in the 1st Guards Army/Southwestern Front with

    986th Rifle Regiment

    988th Rifle Regiment

    990th Rifle Regiment

    370th Artillery Regiment

    60% of the division were Ukrainians, 15% were Turkmenes and the last 25% were Russians and Siberians

    July 1943 STAVKA Reserves

    August 1943 9th Rifle Corps/5th Shock Army/South Front

    November 1943 9th RC/28th Army/4th Ukrainian Front

    February 1944 5th Shock Army/3rd Ukrainain Front

    March-August 1944 9th RC/57th Army/3rd Ukrainian Front

    August 1944 5th Shock Army

    October 1944 STAVKA Reserves, received a battalion of 13 SU-76 self-propelled guns

    October 1944-End of the war 9th Rifle Corps/5th Shock Army/1st Belorussian Front

    ended the war in Berlin in May 1945

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    Bryan, this is from Charles Sharps series "Soviet Order of Battle for WWII". Its very useful, if you research soviet orders/medal and campaigns.

    CollectRussia has them for 19$ a piece:





    Thanks for posting the book!!! I'll have to buy a copy on the 1st.

    :beer: Doc

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