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    AH Medal Bar that I 'saved'


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    About a week ago I was at one of my favorite stores to buy goodies at. Of course the same store buys things from the public to re-sell them. In walked an older couple and they dropped on the counder a whole bunch medals. I noticed that many of them appaered to be from a single source. I looked on in awe at what was being sold and my little heart wanted to start a bidding war with the shop owner - but patience prevailed as if i did such a thing I am sure I would never be allowed back in the store. Well - I can honestly say that the dealer gave the couple a price that was a complete rip-off for what they had brought in. Then after the couple had left, I offered to buy them outright and for a porfit to him - but he said he needed to think about what to sell them for...(UGH!) Then the next week - he has them for sale but the national defense cross had already been sold to another collector who probably didnt notice the consitent wear for the ribbons or the medals. But instead bought the most valuable. Here is what I was able to recover and it shows the medals as would have been worn from 1934 to 1939. I doubt I will ever get the National Defense Cross reunited - but who knows? The National Defense Corss was given to those individuals who helped in some manner to overthrow the Bela Kun Hungarian Soviet Rpublic.

    They are a little worn and the Signum Laudis is a zink (probably post war manufacture) based (but the crown is not) - the ribbons are worn and faded and the ribbon for the Signum Laudis had swords on it at one time. Its not the greatest - but its as good as it gets.

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