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    The early 57 RK of the KVK is infinitely harder to find than its EK counterpart, harder to find in fact than an original wartime RK of the KVK. I have had many fine examples of the desirable early 57 RK of the EK with wartime frames, but it has taken me 20 years to track down an early RK of the KVK. Many of these being shown as early are in fact much later than suggested.

    The quality of the early pieces far surpasses the later plated versions. Burnished outer edges, with frosted inner fields, and as was somtimes the case with early pieces, supplied with leftover stock of original wartime neck ribbon

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    Nice one Gordon :cheers: Were any gold RK's made in '57s?

    Not that I am aware of. You do see them now and then, but strictly modern pieces made for collectors. Certainly none of the old Steinhauer catalogues I've seen from way back in the 60s/70s ever offered an RK of the KVK in Gold, only Silver. I'd imagine genuine "veteran replacement" demand for even the Silver would be minimal, the Gold almost non-existant.

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    :jumping: That's a BEAUTY!!! :jumping: The War Merit Cross is my favorite medal. I'd rather have it than an Iron cross!!!

    :beer: Doc

    I agree, as far as TR awards are concerned, the KVK is nicer than the EK. I still prefer the EK when it comes to the sheer quality and finesse of some of the nicer Imperial pieces.

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