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    The Argentine Malvinas/Falklands war

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    Twenty five years on from the initial attack on port Stanley, there seems to be a mini boom going on in Argentine web sites about their war.

    There is almost nothing out there about Argentine awards from the war, apart from Jeff Floyd's article many years ago in the JOMSA. There was a specific Argentine campaign medal, a KIA medal, gallantry and merit awards and apparently a wound medal.

    Since then there have been an explosion of provincial commemorative awards in Argentina, as well as seemingly a number of variations on the campaign medal.

    There may even be a few "fakes" out there.

    A large number of merit medals were awarded, as well as gallantry awards (some well deserved indeed).

    See here for a look at some of the ribbons:

    alas! 5 years on the web link has evaporated as with sooooo many Argentine web sites!

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    and also here:


    I found a very poignant website dedicated to a young Argentine boiler room engineer who went down with the Belgrano a few weeks back with all of his posthumas awards, but alas, now can't seem to locate it.

    See also here:


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    When I was in Croatia, the Argie vets of the Malvina's had a velcro patch with the islands on it that they wore on there uniforms. I tried to get one but they would not give them up. I did get these wings from one of them - traded Emmylou Harris "Whiteline Fever" cassette for it and a few other pieces and a ride around camp in one of their Marders, he was also Malvinas vetran

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