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    Infecting my brother with the "Luger bug"

    Douglas Jr.

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    Hello everyone!

    Now it?s time to confess something really ?bad? I did with my younger brother: I intentionally infected him with the ?Luger bug?. I know that this can be tough as no known cure has surfaced yet!

    I am ten year older than him and, as a kid, he was always cheering and enjoying every purchase to my collection? then, some months before his 21st birthday, as a result of a trade involving some militaria stuff, a DWM 1918 Luger (?k? block) ended in my hands. It had that nice ?old battle horse-looking? but it had been neglected by the previous owner: the magazine, grip screws and both wooden grips were badly damaged (however it was working perfectly). I knew that it could be saved and it would be a nice beginner?s piece. Thus I decided to give to my lil? bro as a gift.

    I managed to find some nice parts and, when I put everything together and gave it to my brother, I could see his eyes sparkling! Fortunately we have been closer and closer and I really enjoyed giving him a real Luger of his own. Nothing is better than contemplate someone?s joy when he finally get something that he really want it. Of course, now I?m sure that he is a Luger addicted!

    Here are a few ?artistic pictures? of the gun. The rig is still missing another mag and the loading tool but, although cleaned, it still retains the old patina and ?It was there? looking (which my brother really enjoys) and displays nicely. The papers and medals are intended to be displayed together and belonged to the same WWI German veteran. Hope you enjoy it as he did.


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